Project Description

French Mansion Wedding

Charlotte & Shanif

The Story

Even before the date of their destination wedding, Charlotte and Shanif knew exactly what they wanted for their big day. Despite their busy schedule as young professionals, they were so involved with the wedding planning that the bride was even able to prepare a surprise for her groom for the exact day of their French mansion wedding!

It’s hard to decide where to begin describing this awesome and heartfelt wedding so let’s just start with the basics. First, Charlotte and Shanif got married in Chateau de Pitray, a fairytale wedding venue in Saint-Seurin-de-Prats, France where oaks and old cedars dominate. Second, they had 80 guests attending their celebration, making this chateau a perfect option for their French mansion wedding. Most of their guests are able to stay on-site because Chateau de Pitray has a large sleeping capacity for 54 people. Third, their ceremony and reception were filled with traditional pale pink tones, including the cake, the bride’s bouquet, and her bridesmaids’ dresses. And lastly, for the bride, Charlotte wore a classy A-line dress that made her look like a fairytale princess –  a fitting wardrobe for a French mansion wedding.

As early as the planning stage,  the two were both hands-on in terms of the ceremony layout.  They chose to do a 360° seating arrangement with them standing in the middle on a bridge!  It took place in the garden right in front of the chateau.

It was a priceless moment when Charlotte, accompanied by her father, stepped out of the chateau’s door and showed up in her wedding dress for the first time.  Cliche as it may sound, she looked nothing less than perfect that time.

Shanif, the groom, was so overwhelmed and emotional that he was afraid to look at his bride as she approached him with her father walking her down the aisle. He didn’t dare to turn around to see her walking up and only looked at her when she was standing right beside him. His reaction to her beauty was just so precious. (See this picture below for proof!)

Another touching part was that Charlotte surprised her groom by booking a vintage car that he knew nothing about. Shanif loves vintage cars and Charlotte asked us to arrange a vintage Citroen Traction to arrived at the chateau during the drinks reception. We heard that Shanif even got to sit behind the wheel, too!

The two enjoyed their French mansion wedding from beginning to end, and their guests felt the same. Judging from the looks on their faces, they were glad to be part of this destination wedding in France. They were all smiling,  laughing and crying because of the overwhelming joy for Charlotte and Shanif, since the start of the ceremony up to the couples’ Thank You speech.