Dunluce Castle

Project Description

Dunluce Castle

Northern Ireland

Location: Portrush Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Sleeping capacity (max.): 0

Wedding capacity (max.): 30

Venue price: £30 photoshoot only / £250 ceremony fee 

Venue type: Castle, Outdoor, Historic Ruin

Ceremony type: Legal, Symbolic

Features: Ocean View, Cliffs, Panoramic View

Nearest airport: Belfast Airport (46 km)

Our Reference: V00347

Probably the most dramatic place in Northern Ireland to exchange your wedding vows. Dunluce Castle is a prominent medieval castle ruin, located atop a cliff on the North coast of County Antrim. The mythical “Mermaid’s Cave” lies underneath an arched walkway which connects the castle to the mainland. Marry with a stunning backdrop in this unique elopement location and you’ll have a truly memorable ceremony in a destination spot.

Please note the castle does not permit ceremonies to take place inside the ruins themselves. To get around this, we suggest to hold the ceremony in one of the farm fields about 100 meters outside the castle walls. This ensures you are as far away as possible from the tourist crowns and that you get THE most stunning angle of the castle as a backdrop in your wedding pictures and ceremony! The fee to use the farmer's field for your ceremony is £250. A small price to pay for such a magical view.

If you wish to have photos takes inside Dunluce Castle, a photo-op fee of £30 is charged on entry and must be pre-booked in advance. It’s not hard to understand why a fee has to be imposed for a monument like this. All tourists visiting Dunluce Castle (and there are a lot of them!) fall in love with this historic structure that the number of people coming inside has to be controlled to preserve the ruins.

Even if you hold an elopement ceremony outside the castle, its facade will still serve as a magical element for your wedding photos. Marry with a stunning backdrop and exchange your vows in a scenic location like this and you will not regret flying all the way to Northern Ireland to find one of the best destination wedding venues all around the world.

Though located in a region with low population, you have several options for hotel accommodations around here so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get dressed on the day of your wedding. If you’re eloping to Dunluce Castle, you might want to stay in county Antrim a bit longer for your honeymoon since there are so many historic and scenic locations that you can visit here.

There are restaurants scattered around several small towns and villages not far from this unique wedding location too, so you’ll never run out of options for the reception. Should you decide to marry with a stunning backdrop at Dunluce Castle our planners from Peach Perfect Weddings can make all the arrangements necessary for your big day.

You can check out our Northern Ireland wedding packages and see that we cover all the essentials for your big day. We have a network of trusted wedding vendors who will guarantee a smooth-sailing elopement for you.

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