7 ways micro weddings are changing the industry

The very sound of “micro wedding” already attracts couples who are dreaming of a stress-free big day with only a handful of guests. The word itself flashes images of an intimate celebration in a romantic venue with lavish decor and sumptuous food.

Truth be told, micro weddings have many other attributes that make it a top choice for young couples these days.

As European destination wedding planners for elopements and intimate weddings, we have personally witnessed the beauty of micro weddings and the genuine joy they give to couples.

Our many years of experience in curating this unique kind of celebration taught us seven reasons why micro weddings are changing the landscape of the wedding industry.

Obviously more budget-friendly

Budget is one of the things that you would want to sort out first when planning a wedding. Almost everything revolves around it, and the goal is always the best experience with the most budget-friendly option.

That’s what makes micro weddings a practical choice. Due to a fewer number of guests, it naturally involves lower cost compared to traditional weddings.

Just imagine this.

If you’re inviting 100 guests to your wedding, and the average catering cost is $75 per head, that will automatically be $7,500 on food alone. Now, let’s compare that with a micro wedding with a maximum of 60 guests. That is a huge reduction of $3,000 - from $7,500 to barely $4,500 by cutting your guestlist in half. That extra $3,000 could easily go to your dream wedding dress or help you afford your dream wedding venue!

Couples can splurge on what matters most to them

As mentioned above, your extra savings from choosing a micro wedding could mean extra dollars for that wedding dress or suit that you’ve been dying to have.

It’s not a crime to splurge on your wedding dress, especially when you’re only doing a micro wedding with a few guests. This celebration is all about you, and how you look on that day should be the most important thing.

The beauty of micro weddings is that it shifts the focus back to the couple, giving them the opportunity to spend on what matters most to them. Whether that’s your wedding dress or suit, dream wedding venue, the most romantic decor, or the most talented wedding photographer, the choice of which aspect to splurge on will be yours.

Picking the wedding date will be much easier

A smaller guest list means less people to consider in wedding planning. Whether we admit it or not, there will be people who are unavailable on the couple’s chosen date no matter how far advanced they will be invited.

The problem with a traditional wedding is that not all guests have the same availability, and with many of them not being able to commit on your chosen date, you have to find a day that is agreeable to all of them.

Modern couples these days choose a micro wedding because it will never give them that kind of headache.

Since they are bringing a few select friends and family for their intimate wedding, the couple can set the date whenever they want and have no problem about their guests' unavailability. In case of an elopement for two, any guest-related problems will be totally eliminated.

More lavish experience for you and your guests

Less is more. Many couples are gravitating towards micro weddings because they want the best experience for their few favorites.

With a maximum of 60 guests for a micro wedding, you can give a lot more to each of them. Whether you want to increase the cost per head to give them a luxurious buffet or pay for their accommodations before and after the wedding day, you have more financial freedom to do that.

You can even rent a villa for a whole weekend to give yourself and your guests a lavish 3-day wedding celebration. A micro wedding makes all of that possible.

Destination wedding could be an option

If you’re the kind of bride who wants a sunset wedding on a beach in Portugal, but you’re holding back because of the huge cost for 100 guests, a micro wedding option tells you to cut back on the guestlist and spend the extra money to fulfill your dream beach wedding in Portugal.

All of our couples who chose to get married in Europe were able to fulfill their dream wedding in their favorite destination by having a short guestlist, and they were so happy they did.

Some were initially afraid to fly to Europe with nobody else but the two of them, but eventually, they admitted it was the best decision of their lives.

A micro wedding with 0 to only a few guests allowed them to travel to their favorite destination to have a ceremony amid a picturesque European venue from their wildest dreams. You can make the same decision for your big day and enjoy every moment of it, stress-free.

Having a micro wedding is also the best excuse to avoid obligatory invitations to expectant guests. After all, not everyone is willing to fly to a different continent just to celebrate with you.

Stress-free wedding planning for the couple

Fewer guests also means less stress in planning your big day. There is one big reason why planning a micro wedding is stress-free: You can focus on what you really want without having to consider many different personalities.

You won’t have to think where to seat A who has a conflict with B, or whether couple C and D who are big red meat fans would enjoy your Mediterranean menu with mainly fresh fruits and vegetables plus seafood, or whether E would enjoy the celebration because he does not know anyone there.

With a micro wedding, all of these considerations will be gone or at least reduced to a minimum because you will have fewer personalities to consider. Most importantly, you know that your guests are willing to adjust to your preferences because they are your dearest friends and family who will literally go the extra mile for you.

An overall relaxed and happier big day

Imagine reciting your vows with a beautiful nature scene in the background with only a handful of guests genuinely celebrating that special day with you. With a micro wedding, you will have peace of mind that everyone is rooting for you and no one will make a scene because you have chosen the best among your circles.

You don’t have to be careful with your words or worry about your demeanor because every person in that celebration is someone you are very comfortable with.

A micro wedding also saves the couple from worries of some guests having difficulties reaching the venue. They can easily coordinate and give directions to their few guests beforehand.

Some couples could even afford the accommodations of their intimate wedding party to make sure they are at the venue a day before the wedding. All because micro weddings involve a small number of guests.

Micro weddings are changing the industry not because they are cheap and easy, but because they embody the true essence of a wedding - a celebration that is focused on the couple’s love for each other, with the special people in their lives.

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