Warm and festive intimate wedding in a Tuscan villa


My wife and I used Peach Perfect for our wedding in Lucca, Italy. We rented out a villa for 3 nights for an intimate 20-person wedding, and we had an incredible experience. The planning process was seamless and we couldn't have been more happy with our experience.
— Regan & Clay


With 20 of their favorite people in the world, Regan and Clayton set out on a three-day adventure in Italy where they visited the romantic and historic city of Florence, tied the knot in a picturesque Tuscan villa, and spent unforgettable moments with their whole wedding party in their temporary Tuscan residence.

Keep reading as we take you to Regan and Clayton’s adventure wedding in Italy.

Pre-wedding photoshoot Florence

Before the wedding day, Regan and Clayton took a trip to Florence for a memorable photo opportunity. It was a warm and cozy sunrise photoshoot two days before their big day, where the two visited various iconic spots in Florence.

Their first stop was the Ponte Vecchio or the “Old Bridge,” with many old buildings lying along its banks. The scene was picturesque, with the iconic bridge, the river, and the old buildings in the background while Regan and Clayton posed for their pre-wedding photos.

After the warm up, they proceeded to have a closer look at the lovely Italian buildings. Their starting point for the mini exploration was none other than Piazza della Signoria, the heart of Florence and the focal point of its politics. At the center of the Piazza was the fortress-like palace called Palazzo Vecchio where history and art meet.

Regan and Clayton enjoyed every minute of their Florence photo shoot, walking along the historic streets of the city, witnessing its beauty, and stopping by to pose, hug, and kiss for their photographer.

A trip to Florence will never be complete without visiting the Florence Cathedral, Piazza Duomo, and the whole cathedral complex. The couple did not miss the chance to see this popular tourist spot, and it was their last stop for the unforgettable pre-wedding photo shoot.

About the venue

For their big day, Regan and Clayton picked a picturesque ivy-covered villa in the countryside of Lucca for an authentic Tuscan wedding.

The picturesque and eccentric 18th-century venue exudes a historic ambiance whilst surrounded by nature. It is located in the heart of Tuscany, in the picturesque town of Lucca. Situated just a short walk from the historic center of the town, you can find shops, restaurants, and other local attractions nearby. The villa is surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards, offering breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside.

With lovely gardens and astounding views of mountain forests, its own chapel, a huge swimming pool overlooking glorious Tuscan views, and comfortable rooms enough for 28 people, this villa near Florence is a perfect place for unforgettable intimate weddings in Italy.

The romantic day that was

On the third day of their stay in the villa, Regan and Clayton finally tied the knot in the venue’s chapel.

The ceremony happened at 6:30 in the afternoon so the whole wedding party had enough time to take a dip at the large pool and enjoy the sun. While their guests enjoyed themselves in the pool, Regan and Clayton prepared for their most awaited moment.

After getting ready in separate rooms, the couple finally met for a romantic first look in one of the beautiful barns of the venue. You can see the amazement in their faces while seeing each other in their wedding attires for the first time.

Regan was dashing in her elegant sleeveless white dress while Clayton looked neat in his black suit. Together, they walked towards the chapel for their intimate wedding ceremony.

It was a meaningful exchange of vows in front of their dearest friends and family who smiled and cried happy tears witnessing the two finally tying the knot.

After the ceremony, the guests had drinks and aperitifs at the courtyard whilst Regan and Clayton were doing the photoshoot. The couple walked along the gardens, the pool, the ivy-covered walls, and all the lovely spots of the venue to maximize their photo ops.

When it was all done, they joined the wedding party at the courtyard for a small program where a couple of friends and family gave their speeches. After some chit chat and special moments by the pool, they had dinner at the pergola where everyone enjoyed fresh, regional cuisine prepared by the venue’s professional kitchen crew.

Regan and Clayton celebrated with their whole wedding party until sunset. Every moment was magical as they ate and shared stories at a lovely outdoor setting in the peaceful and charming Tuscan villa.

Wedding photos

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