Huge Medieval Estate near Florence


Sleeping 62 PAX
Wedding 200 PAX
Type Country Estate, Resort
Ceremony Legal, Symbolic
Features Gardens, Golf, Outdoor Terrace, Panoramic View, Park, Restaurant, Spa, Tennis
Airport 85km, Peretola, Florence


If a genuine Italian-style wedding is what you are looking for, the best choice you have is this huge Tuscan wedding estate in the medieval town of Montaione, Italy. This property consists of apartments, houses, and a hotel with 31 rooms, along with other attractions at the center of a breathtaking landscape. This hidden estate is 50 minutes away from Pisa, but is not devoid of tourist attractions. You can visit San Gimignano, an old town that’s surrounded by 13th century walls. You can also find the classic town center, medieval towers, and a 12th century church therein.


The village of Montaione is located in the Tuscan countryside with medieval castles, fresh and rich vineyards, as well as enchanting green hills and valleys. Imagine all these elements at the background on the day of your wedding. This village in Italy is also known for its temperate climate and rich agricultural production. You will see olive groves and vineyards all around.


There are lots of activities to do inside this Tuscan wedding estate as well. You can take a Ferrari tour of the whole place, or play golf and tennis here. If you want to do horseback riding or hiking, it's possible here too. You can even just relax in its wellness center called Le Piscine. Every guest also has an access to the swimming pool at the edge of the hotel. Here, you can take a plunge and enjoy the majestic view of nature in Italy.


If you ask where your wedding ceremony can take place in this vast estate, your choice is as wide as its perimeter. If you want to recite your vows with the view of the valleys, you don’t need to go far from the hotel. The palace’s terrace lends a panoramic view where the guests witness your heartfelt exchange of vows. They will see what getting married in Italy really means. The garden beside the pool is also an excellent choice for your ceremony.


The reception can be held at the poolside where your guests can indulge in the relaxing scene of the decorated pool with the view of the valleys. You can also house them in any of the indoor restaurants of this Tuscan castle, including the La Via del Sale or the Il Rosmarino. Here, they will have a taste of Italian delicacies and Tuscan dishes that evoke cultural recipes. The Le Piscine Cafe and the Club House Restaurant are also great choices for dinner and an after-ceremony party. These two outdoor restaurants will let your guests taste the luscious and rich flavours of Italian cuisines, not to mention the finest wines of Tuscany, while indulging in the view of the pristine nature. No ingredient is missing in this heavenly estate at Montaione, Italy. Each moment of your wedding will truly be memorable for you and your guests if you choose this grand venue for the best day of your life.

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