13th-century antique hotel for elopements near Amalfi

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Type Hotel
Features Bar Ocean View Restaurant Roof Terrace
Wedding spaces hire from €500. Menus from €130/guest
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Spaces / Capacity

Pers. Purpose(s) Ref.
2 to 35 Ceremony
Garden terrace
2 to 60 Drinks reception Dinner
Restaurant's terrace
2 to 42 Accommodation

About this venue


Have a romantic ceremony with a view of the scenic Amalfi Coast and the lovely coastal towns, resembling a breathtaking paradise north of Italy. 
 Built with historic architectural design and nostalgic gardens, this wedding venue is a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling coastal towns. 
 It’s ideal for couples who want some peace for their Italian destination wedding and honeymoon. The venue is designed for special celebrations, with romantic ceremony and reception areas and comfortable accommodations for a luxurious stay.


This charming historic hotel is high above Ravello, offering views of the elegant and refined town and the rest of Amalfi’s coastal towns. 
 Ravello is considered the pearl of the Amalfi Coast because of its elegant villages and luxurious venues. Adore the sophisticated hotels and villas perched above Ravello, citrus trees descending into the beach, the Cathedral with its unique portal and 10-foot-high bell tower, and vibrant gardens adding colors to the stellar terraced town. 
 Nothing in Ravello is ordinary. Every building is lavishly designed with a themed architectural structure that creates the town’s unmistakable identity. Every tree, garden, and cultivation is a sight to behold with their natural beauty that flourishes and enriches the whole scene. 
 If that’s not enough, feel the warmth and festive atmosphere of the Italian town by joining the world-renowned “Ravello Music Festival,” happening every year where musicians and celebrities from far and wide gather to bask in the enchanting music and festive celebration.


No words are enough to describe the beauty of wedding ceremonies here, but we’ll try our best. 
 There’s no better place to say your I-dos in the hotel than at the garden terrace, where you’ll have two breathtaking backdrops - the Amalfi Coast with its terraced towns and the charming garden with vibrant colors and various trees and plants. Two historic buildings tower on your side, with their medieval walls exuding rich history and pure nostalgia. There’s a perfect blend of history, nature, and panoramic views for your wedding ceremony. 
 The garden terrace can hold 2-35 persons, giving you much flexibility for your dream elopement or intimate wedding.


With a ceremony that grand, the wedding reception must follow suit. Gladly, the two areas for drinks and dinner will never disappoint. 
 You can take your wedding party to the restaurant’s outdoor terrace, where the Amalfi Coast view is still visible, while the ambiance changes from nature-infused to medieval.  The restaurant terrace lies next to the building walls, and the other side is an open panorama overlooking the sunset, the sea, and the coastal towns. 
 This reception area is covered, so you and your guests will be protected from whatever kind of weather. Plenty of lights will keep your celebration warm and bright, whether it’s a daytime reception or a wedding dinner.  
 The restaurant’s terrace is spacious enough for sixty people. Still, it can accommodate a smaller number, even a private dinner for two. 
 The other option is inside the restaurant that serves classical Mediterranean dishes popular in the region. The restaurant’s historic ambiance will keep you and your guests reminiscing about the past, bringing a unique experience for couples and their dearest.


To complete your Italian destination wedding experience, the hotel offers magnificent accommodations right inside its luxurious rooms. 
 The hotel rooms can house up to 42 people, allowing you to have an unforgettable family vacation. All rooms are elegantly designed, and some have been renovated from the former cloisters of the 13th-century building. 
 The superior rooms offer views of the Amalfi Coast, while some deluxe rooms can be interconnected to form a family suite. No matter the designation, all rooms in the hotel are equipped with air conditioning, free WiFI, and comfortable bathrooms.  
 Take advantage of the accommodations to enjoy the complete experience offered by the hotel. It’s a convenient way to spend your wedding and honeymoon in Italy. Note that even if you’re having an elopement for two, you can book just one room for the two of you. 
 After learning about the features and offerings of this Italian wedding venue, you might see it as a perfect location for your big day. If that’s the case, get in touch with us and speak with our wedding planner in Italy.

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Photos: Pasquale Mestizia

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