Tied the knot inside a medieval park in Rome


Peach Perfect provided us with the most amazing wedding! Our day was truly a dream come true. We described what we wanted to Eleonora and she took it to another level and surpassed all expectations! Thank you Eleonora and Peach Perfect!
— Alissa & Andrew


Alissa and Andrew’s destination wedding in Rome best illustrates an epic elopement in Italy. They chose a unique venue and only had three guests for the ceremony. Their compact guest list made this celebration of love even more genuine and meaningful.

Why elope to Italy?

Alissa and Andrew preferred a destination wedding in Europe over a big wedding at home because they were in love with Rome, and wanted an intimate celebration with the bride's family. The only guests during the ceremony were Alissa’s father, mother, and sister, who all flew to Italy with them for a grand European trip.

About the venue

For their wedding ceremony, they chose a historic palace with a beautiful courtyard adorned with statues. This palace was built in the 17th-century featuring the works of Baroque architects Carlo Maderno and Pietro da Cortona, both Italian. The palace is filled with history and is also an open-air museum for those who want to take a peek at ancient Roman treasures.

The romantic day that was

One of the most special memories of that day was when ​​Alissa's father walked her down the palazzo's stairs to the courtyard where the ceremony took place. The talented guitarist’s performance was also something that everybody fell in love with. Finally, the photo session at the Roman Forum was just incredible. After the ceremony and photo shoot, the wedding party travelled to the ghetto area of Rome where the restaurant for the reception is located.

Planning their destination wedding in Italy

Just like most of our couples who eloped to Europe, Alissa and Andrew communicated some non-negotiables while planning their wedding. One of them is having a photo session around some of the most iconic spots in Rome. That’s why after the ceremony, the couple walked along the Campidoglio and the Roman Forum to have amazing photos of their unforgettable destination wedding in Italy.

The best of them were those taken on a terrace with the iconic Roman Forum right behind them.

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