Same-sex elopement on a terrace in Amalfi


This company is a great idea for a destination wedding, it will be less amount of work for you specially if you don’t know anyone in that country. But our experience with peach perfect was not what we would have wanted or expected. At the beginning, our wedding planner was very good responding emails and proactive but with time she became short with her responses and lack of following up with us. Our wedding had to be postponed due to COVID and they were able to accommodate, but we also had to cancel the guests. We experienced several issues and we got stressed out in a lot of occassions because for every little thing that we asked it was a charge involved or it was not an option. Getting closed to the wedding, we did not know anything, we did not have any of details, times, we didn’t know who was going to do our hair and make up, timeline, the songs, the dance, nothing. Since we were not going to have guests, we requested to cancel the service that we had paid for the coordinator to guide the guests, but we didn’t know that she was not even going to meet with us to give us the details the day before of the wedding or maybe just to say Hi. We were literally clueless. At the end, the hotel wedding planner helped us with all the details and she was very helpfull.
— Aina & Rosangel
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