Pastel peony bouquets for an intimate wedding in Florence


Here's the short version: Eleonora and Peach Perfect made our dream wedding a reality. It's a big undertaking to plan a destination wedding to a place where you have little/no language proficiency, and it's even scarier to do so if you're a same-sex couple not knowing what sort of reaction to expect from vendors. I was so relieved when our planner for Italy, Eleonora, found vendors for us who made us feel completely comfortable the entire time. The end result was a wedding where we were able to relax, enjoy the moment, and not worry about the minor details of the wedding planning process. It was about as turn-key as you could want: we made a few of the big decisions, but all of the finer details and logistics were handled for us so we could focus on the important stuff -- our love for each other and spending time with our friends and family. Our wedding turned out to be spectacular, and we've convinced several other friends that destination micro-weddings are the way to go. Thanks!
— Skylr & Crystal
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