Late spring microwedding for four in Amalfi


We chose Peach Perfect Weddings back in 2019 to plan an intimate destination wedding in Italy after finding them through Pinterest. After reaching out for information on their packages, we were quickly paired with Eleonora to plan our 4 person ceremony in the Amalfi Coast. Due to our initial ceremony date landing in May 2020, we of course had to postpone. We were worried that we might lose out on all the deposits with PPW and vendors due to the pandemic. We were pleasantly surprised that PPW allowed us to extend our ceremony date and Eleonora helped us replan the whole ceremony to a new location and guest list. She was so helpful and made it as easy as possible to plan a wedding to happen in another country. The vendors she picked for us for the eventual ceremony in May 2022 were outstanding. PPW's approach to wedding planning for intimate weddings and elopements was the perfect fit for how we wanted to plan and what we envisioned the day to look like. We are super grateful for Eleonora sticking with us through almost 3 years of planning (re-planning) and all the questions that come along with it. Thank you!!!
— Keely & Collin


Everyone in the events industry, including every couple who started planning their wedding before 2020 and whose original wedding date had fallen on this unforgettable year, would understand the stress and anxiety that the pandemic brought. Keely and Colin were one of the couples who had to postpone their big day even though everything was all set. And just like many couples, they also had no idea when they would be allowed to finally travel to make their dream wedding come true. Looking back, it was very hard to hold on to a dream like that, and it was so convenient to just throw in the towel and abandon any plans of getting married abroad, but this couple had faith that their dream Italian wedding would come true. They clung to that dream, and their faith made it happen. Keep reading as we tell the story of Keely and Collin’s intimate wedding in Amalfi.

Planning their destination wedding in Italy

How can you hold on to something that you can’t see happening in any possible way? For Keely and Collin, it was their faith in their dream wedding and constant communication with our Italian wedding planner that encouraged them to keep believing that all of the pandemic chaos would fade away and their destination elopement in Italy will eventually happen.

The whole time that they waited, Eleonora, our wedding planner, was there to answer all of their questions, and to assure them that once the travel restrictions were lifted, they could proceed with the original plan, although on a later date.

Keely and Collin originally planned a legal wedding ceremony in a town hall with only two special people as guests. However, while waiting for the travel rules to ease out, they had to make changes to the original plan and eventually went for a symbolic ceremony in a different venue.

Despite these changes, the essence of their dream wedding was still retained, including the location of their elopement in Italy and the two special people whom they wanted to witness their exchange of vows. They still tied the knot in their dream location, which was the Amalfi Coast, and ended up with an even more magical venue, which is a medieval villa on the hilltops of Ravello, still along the coast.

Most importantly, Keely and Collin’s desire to get married outdoors on a bright day of spring came true. Their original date was May 20, 2020, and they ended up tying the knot two years and three days later.

About the wedding venue

Located atop the hills of Ravello along the Amalfi Coast, this 5-star deluxe hotel was built in the 12th century as a private villa for a noble family. Since its construction centuries ago, it has always had a medieval luxury facade with spacious outdoor areas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, large banquet halls, and luxury bedrooms with scenic sea views.

It opened its doors to guests as a 5-star hotel in 1997 after renovating its interiors to accommodate close to 100 guests. Today, it is one of the world’s finest hotels in a surreal setting above the cliffs of the hilltop village of Ravello, overlooking picturesque fishing villages.

It also has a restaurant that boasts one Michelin star for a luxurious dining experience. The hotel is perfect for celebrations and honeymoons with its outdoor and indoor event spaces, spa, lively bars, and an infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The romantic wedding day that was

There was zero stress and a hundred percent genuine moments on the day of Keely and Collin’s wedding. This was the day they had waited for two years, and it was just surreal for the couple and their two special guests. The couple prepared separately in different rooms, which built up the excitement for the ceremony.

When the hour for the ceremony finally came, Collin, their two guests, and the celebrant waited on the terrace for Keely. Moments later, the bride walked down the stairs to the terrace wearing her elegant lace wedding dress with a beautiful bouquet of peonies in her hands.

The ceremony spot was amazing, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Amalfi fishing villages. It was a small spot for intimate affairs with medieval masonry associated with the design elements.

Keely and Collin were emotional at the start of the ceremony, realizing that their dream wedding is finally coming true right before their eyes. After their exchange of vows, they went around the hotel for a quick photoshoot with just the two of them.

Every corner of the venue was a beautiful backdrop for their wedding photos - from the terraces offering breathtaking sea views to the gardens and the gazebo with crawling greenery everywhere!

After the photo session, Keely and Collin joined their two guests for aperitifs at the same ceremony spot with the sparkling Mediterranean in the background. The wedding dinner happened in the hotel’s one Michelin-star restaurant where they had a classic Italian menu, including a wedding cake they all enjoyed a lot!

Wedding photos

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