Hillary and Joseph (cancelled)


Dear Brides, I would not recommend using Peach Perfect for the next few years or at least until the pandemic has ended. I had a elopement planned with Peach Perfect for May 2020 in Italy, we are from the USA. We had to postpone due to COVID-19 and postponed to the beginning of September 2020. Due to the extended travel restrictions (we were not allowed into Italy) we were forced to also either postpone or cancel. Peach Perfect gave us the option to postpone again until December 2021. We chose to cancel knowing that we already waited over a year to get married and have no idea when we would be able to visit due to COVID-19. We didn’t want to have to keep postponing again and again when we already did twice. Technically, we were canceling since we were given the option to postpone for a third time and Peach Perfect would only give us a partial refund. It came out to be about 35% of the total. We didn’t use any of their services promised (hair and makeup, photography, celebrant, flowers) besides working with the wedding planner since the elopement didn’t happen. We believe our refund should have been a lot larger. We feel that we got robbed and they took advantage of this situation. What a waste of thousands of dollars that they profited off of. I cannot review their services since we did not use them besides the wedding planner. We did like our wedding planner though. Again, I would NOT recommend them for at least a few years or maybe ever. Hire a different company with a little more compassion. Happy wedding planning.
— Hillary & Joseph
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