Windy adventurous elopement for two in Antrim


Peach Perfect made our whole wedding experience an absolute dream. This elopement was just Mike and I on our own and we had no idea of where to start with the planning, thankfully we found Peach! Not only was this company so helpful in supplying us with a musician and tips for places to stay, but they also offer great package deals like cake, flowers, makeup, etc. if needed. We were truly fortunate that they even worked with us, financially, to make payment plans in order to pay off our wedding package before our trip. Since we were flying overseas we had other financial obligations that also needed to be covered, so it was really kind of them to let us pay certain things off in increments. We were blessed by an amazing wedding coordinator, Lisa, who helped us with every bump along the road … she was even so kind as to pick us up from our hotel, drive us to all our locations, and back at the end of the day. We dreamed of getting married at Dunluce Castle and snapping some photos at The Dark Hedges. At the time I had not seen many people do multiple locations with Peach Perfect, but I pitched the idea to them and they LOVED IT! They helped us find the best schedule to fit in those two spots for our special day and even added a third photo spot (Ballintoy Harbor). When our ceremony location got closed off for various reasons, two weeks before we flew to Ireland, Lisa jumped right in and found us another castle close to where we had already made reservations (Kinbane Castle) and made the transition totally stress free. Mike and I got married during a wind storm and while that may have seemed like a disaster, the whole crew made it an enjoyable, laughable experience. We made jokes on my windblown hair, my veil flying all around, and just had an absolute blast with what Mother Nature offered us…including a beautiful rainbow right after the “I do’s.” Our videographer and photographer were the best as well! I cannot rave about them enough. Paul (Hatch Wedding Films) documented the whole day without Mike and I ever feeling uncomfortable. We originally decided to not have a videographer out of fear that it would distract us from the moment and that we’d become shy in front of all the cameras, but it was the opposite. There were times during the day that we would come up with cute ideas for the video and we’d catch great laughing shots from joking around with everyone. Paul was truly a delight….and a great help! He even offered me a granola bar and candy at one point when my blood sugar was low from not eating all day! Iain (Press Pause), our photographer, had a very chill personality. He was ready to go with the flow and wherever the day took us. That was lovely as it didn’t make us feel rushed or stressed. The day felt so easy and truly about celebrating our special day. Sandra, our officiant, was by far the sweetest woman I have ever met. She worked so hard to create a ceremony that mixed personal, faith based, and Irish traditions all together. We face timed and emailed many times in order to develop a ceremony that would be something we’d always remember. She was so kind and made our wedding exactly how we always dreamed. I cannot say enough good things about Peach Perfect and everyone who was a part of our wedding day. Deciding to elope abroad was not an easy decision, but every single person we interacted with from Peach and those hired through Peach made the experience so easy and stress free. I would not change a single thing about our wedding. Mike and I really wanted our wedding day to be just us two and a time that we could focus on our faith, our love, and our vows….and that’s exactly what Peach Perfect gave us. It was a dream come true! I will look back on my pictures, videos, the ceremony readings and never have any regret, just pure happiness! Thank you so much to every single person who worked so hard to make this a fairytale day!
— Ashley & Michael


Traveling from a different country to Ireland for a destination wedding sounds difficult enough. Having your chosen venue closed off weeks before your wedding and having a windstorm on the day are the last news that you’d want to hear, but despite all those challenges, Ashley and Mike’s wedding day became a “dream come true” for them. Their words, not ours.

Wedding venue change and a windstorm

This beautiful couple is based in Illinois, but their dream has always been to get married in a castle ruin in Northern Ireland. Having no idea how to make that dream come true, they searched for a wedding planning company that could help them plan their wedding while they were in the USA. They found Peach Perfect Weddings, and the rest is history.

During the planning process, they were in constant communication with their dedicated planner who even secured a new venue for them after the original venue unexpectedly closed barely two weeks before their wedding day.

As if that’s not enough for a challenge, a windstorm struck County Antrim, and made the hike to their ceremony spot even more challenging. However, with the right company on the day, Ashley and Mike managed to have their dream wedding come true.

The magical day that was

Instead of being a distraction, the wind created a more dramatic vibe for their wedding ceremony, and luckily, it did not rain on that day. The sky was just filled with glorious brightness, illuminating the lush greenery that covered the Irish cliffs. This breathtaking scene was the backdrop of Ashley and Mike’s destination wedding in Ireland, and they couldn’t ask for more.

The words spoken by their officiant, Sandra, were music to their ears because she customized the ceremony especially for the couple, thanks to their long discussions during wedding planning. Right after their first kiss, a beautiful rainbow showed up in the sky as if it was making up for all the challenges that came their way.

The Irish cliffs, Ballintoy Harbor, and The Dark Hedges

When the ceremony was over, Ashley and Mike walked along the beautiful Irish cliffs with their photographer and videographer who made them both feel comfortable the whole time. The wind was blowing so hard while they took photos and videos, but instead of allowing it to ruin the day, they just laughed it off and took advantage of the happiness that surrounded the couple. The results are beautiful wedding photos with the couple having fun. Ashley’s ruffled wedding dress danced gracefully with the winds, and it was just perfect for their clifftop wedding photos.

The cliff photo shoot was not enough to complete this already perfect day. Ashley and Mike proceeded to the nearby Ballintoy Harbor and had their photos taken against the majestic sea views as they walked along the whitesand beach of the Antrim coast. After that, they headed to a tourist spot called The Dark Hedges that gained popularity for being a Game of Thrones shooting location. It’s a dreamy alley where huge beech trees lined up, creating a dramatic backdrop for every scene. That meant another set of amazing photos for Ashley and Mike.

An adventure wedding to remember

That’s how their destination wedding in Northern Ireland ended, with three sets of photos in three dreamy nature spots - the cliffs, the whitesand beach, and The Dark Hedges. Although it was just a day in their life as a couple, the memories of that wedding in Northern Ireland will surely remain in their hearts even decades after.

If you’re inspired by this adventure wedding, learn more about destination weddings in Ireland, and see if it’s the right kind of big day for you.

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