Private Castle Ruins near Dingle

Co. Kerry

Sleeping 0 PAX
Wedding 20 PAX
Price €100
Type Castle, Historic Ruin
Ceremony Legal,Symbolic
Features Panoramic View, Ancient Ruins, Privacy
Airport 66km, Kerry


If you’re one of those couples who are fascinated by Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, these ruins for outdoor wedding ambience is one of your best options for a venue here in Ireland. Rahinnane Castle will not only give your ceremony and wedding photos the ambience of the abovementioned series and films. This place also overlooks the simple village in this part of Dingle. There are sheep and lambs freely roaming around the vast green field too.


This ideal elopement spot will give your photographic opportunities in a one-of-a-kind setting. Enjoy its splendour as you walk within this castle ruin and the fresh Irish breeze that blows incessantly as you recite your vows.


If you’re having an elopement for two, you can stay here after the ceremony until the sun sets so you can enjoy the majestic view from here. Although surrounded by privately-owned farmlands, residents here are more than friendly to let you enjoy your big day. Aside from the beautiful views from here, these are dreamy and suitable ruins for outdoor wedding celebrations mainly because of their tranquil ambience that makes you feel like a wanderer who travels back in time. It will never fail you if you’re looking for a spot in Ireland that will give you a unique destination wedding experience. You can even bring along your closest friends and family members to witness your marriage ceremony here. The castle ruins can house up to 20 persons.


As for the accommodation, there are inns and lodging houses near Rahinnane Castle so you don’t have to worry about where to get dressed for your wedding.

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