Tied the knot in a historic ruin in Kerry


The Peach Perfect team is so incredibly professional and helpful. Their packages are wonderfully comprehensive, covering all of the bases, and they were very willing to work with us to tweak a standard package to make it more customized to what we were looking for. Such a truly ace team, and I very highly recommend!
— Kari & Steven


Travelling to Ireland is one of Kari and Steven’s relationship goals. They’ve always wanted to visit the country but they didn’t seem to have time for it.

So, they thought, why not tick that item off their bucket list together with another major item, which is to “get married”? Brilliant idea, isn’t it? That’s when they entertained the idea of an intimate Ireland wedding. That’s also when we got to know this young and deeply in love couple, Kari and Steven.

Planning their destination wedding in Ireland

Having no idea how to go about their intimate Ireland wedding, much less make it a perfect destination wedding for them, they searched on the internet for elopement packages for Ireland with a plan of tying the knot in a unique elopement location like no other.

Along with that requirement is to get married in a quiet and intimate setting among historic ruins with amazing sceneries. And why did they choose Ireland? Because these two knew so much about the country’s signature landscape – fresh greeneries and unbelievable views of the Atlantic ocean. So while telling them about the venue options for an intimate Ireland wedding, they instantly fell in love with a castle ruin along the beach in Dingle.

Little did we know, that was such a wise move to make, because later on and until today, weddings are not allowed to be performed inside the castle. They were one of the last few lucky couples to get to hold their ceremony in that historic ruin until the land owner shut off access to it.

The romantic day that was

After making the necessary arrangements for their intimate Ireland wedding and after ticking off the items in our planning list little by little, Kari and Steven finally flew to Ireland to prepare for their big day.

It was indeed a day of pure love and fairytale! Their big day went off without a hitch, although the weather threatened to rain until the very last moment. However, the skies opened up and the sun shone brightly just as we were arriving at the venue.

The ceremony turned out to be so genuine and magical even without a single guest! They got the intimacy they wanted for this special moment with the help of all the wedding essentials included in our elopement packages for Ireland. To make their wedding even more unique, the officiant performed a Celtic wedding tradition called handfasting just before Steven kissed his bride!

Photoshoot at the cliffs, the garden, and the pub!

Their destination wedding in Ireland did not end inside the historic ruins. They walked along the beautiful garden nearby with gigantic trees scattered around. Since their intimate Ireland wedding happened on winter, it was perfect for Kari to wear Steven’s coat in some of the photos.

She also brought an elegant black shawl that matched her wedding dress perfectly! After that, the newlyweds took pictures with the scenic cliff on the background, headed to a traditional Irish pub, and finally capped the day in an intimate dinner at the International Hotel Killarney.

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