Historic tower elopement in Clare


Being that we were booking a destination wedding, and had to ensure all of our trust in someone else, it was so scary at first. Thankfully, Yana made this process smooth and non stressful! She was always quick to respond, and very attentive to our needs. Yana made sure that everything went smoothly and I would absolutely 100% recommend her to others in the future. Thank you, Yana for making our day so special!
— Krista & Joseph


Krista & Joseph are the kind of people who would always smile and laugh while you talk to them, and we didn’t feel any stress as we planned their destination wedding.

Planning their destination wedding in Ireland

The two couldn’t hide their excitement from the start of our planning up to the day of their actual Cliffs of Moher elopement! With happy hearts like theirs, it was not much of a challenge to plan their dream wedding in Ireland.

At first, this sweet couple from the US felt a little nervous about giving the steering wheel to someone else for their destination wedding in Ireland. So from the beginning, we made it clear to them that we’re not going to control their celebration.

The choices are still theirs to make and what we do is only to make the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth-sailing event. We are just here to execute their plans but they are the ones to make the final decisions for their Cliffs of Moher elopement.

During the planning stage, Krista & Joseph were clear they wanted something intimate and special. They only had six guests for their intimate destination wedding. These are the closest people in their lives. But even with a handful of guests, their joy on the wedding day was more than enough to fill the ceremony with a lively atmosphere.

Since most of their friends and loved ones couldn’t make it to their Cliffs of Moher elopement, Krista & Joseph had a reception when they got back to US.

The romantic day that was

On the day of their Cliffs of Moher elopement, the couple and their closest friends were very relaxed, just enjoying every moment of their stay in Ireland. The couple prepared in the hotel. Krista had her makeup done and was so ready to say her I do hours later when, just before she walked down the aisle towards the O’Brien’s Tower, she realized she forgot her bouquet in the hotel.

Nevertheless, they did not let that small setback ruin the day. The moment Krista started walking down the aisle, nobody even noticed that something was missing. When you have the scenic view of the cliffs to overwhelm you, expect to forget everything else.

Their exchange of vows in front of the O’Brien’s Tower was just filled with joy and cheers, literally! All the tourists gathered around to watch Krista & Joseph’s Cliffs of Moher elopement ceremony. They clapped and cheered when they kissed.

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