Fun elopement with kids in Clare


We just want to say to you thanks for all, we just got married and our wedding was wonderful! All the people on your team were very kind, we were so comfortable with all of them and also with you. And Nerijus is a very good photographer! Thank you again for everything!
— Antonella & Andrea


It’s never too late to fulfil your dream of having a destination wedding! And if you know who to tap, you can even have it in a scenic location on a gorgeous sunny day! That’s what you’ll see from this lovely elopement in Ireland between Antonella and Andrea.

This couple did not need a single guest for their ceremony. With their two adorable kids traveling with them from Italy to a tourist spot abroad, they knew from the start that they were having a meaningful destination wedding in Ireland. Aside from getting married, they were even able to bring their whole family to a place as gorgeous as the Cliffs of Moher to spend a memorable vacation there.

Planning their destination wedding in Ireland

This happy couple from Turin, Italy had one desire in their hearts before they sent an inquiry to us. They wanted their elopement in Ireland to be a special moment just for them and their two little daughters. They didn’t wish for anything grand or out of the ordinary because they knew that the location they picked – the Cliffs of Moher – is more than enough to make their destination wedding unique! Just look at the photos and we won’t even need to tell you the reason why they chose this venue.

The romantic wedding day that was

On the day of their elopement in Ireland, everything happened as planned. Their family stayed in a hotel near the Cliffs of Moher where they prepared for the ceremony. Antonella wore a boo-hoo pale pink, lace dress off the high-street while Andrea wore a black suit with a monkey-print T-shirt that reflected his laid back rock style. And the kids! Their wardrobe made them even more adorable – white knee-length dresses covered in lace. Plus, they topped it with a hot pink jacket that matched their mom’s dress perfectly!

From the start of the day up to the post-nuptial photo shoot, the weather was so cooperative that it didn’t even rain at all! That’s an added reason to celebrate especially with the unpredictable weather in Ireland all year round.

Without exaggeration, the sun was really shining bright even before the couple and the kids went to the ceremony location. It was a beautiful moment where the two exchanged their vows and performed an Irish wedding tradition called handfasting.

Antonella and Andrea’s elopement in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher was not without an audience. Some tourists who roamed around the location watched the ceremony with so much excitement. But that did not subtract from the happiness Antonella, Andrea, and their kids felt. You can see that from their photos after the wedding as they walked along the Cliffs of Moher and watched the views from above.

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