Cozy and vibrant green elopement on a cliff in Antrim


We had the time of our lives on our wedding day! Aíne was the biggest help and there wasn’t a single thing I was worried about because she had all the details figured out to a T. This is definitely a must use company for eloping!
— Symantha & Riley


It was mid-autumn when Symantha and Riley traveled to Europe for their destination wedding in Northern Ireland with only less than twenty guests. The weather could not be more perfect.

The cold autumn breeze blew incessantly for a relaxing atmosphere while the sun was shining with the right intensity, the clouds were not too heavy, and the skies were clear enough to highlight the vibrant greens on the clifftop farm where they got married.

Read on as we tell you more about this intimate wedding and why we love it so much.

Planning their destination wedding in Northern Ireland

Our wedding planner in Northern Ireland had a little more than one year to plan Symantha and Riley’s wedding. While the couple was in the USA the whole planning period, they were in constant communication with our planner, sharing Pinterest pegs, photo inspirations, and their entire vision for that special day.

They wanted an intimate ceremony on top of a cliff with scenic views of the Atlantic on a fine autumn day of October. The ceremony had to be outdoors, religious, and legal, with a minister of their religion officiating the wedding.

Their wedding package included ceremony and location search, help with legal paperwork, on-the-day coordination, celebrant to officiate their legal wedding, bouquet and boutonniere, cake for 20 people, and a photographer to capture every moment of that day.

Both our planner and the couple had a good and stress-free experience planning this wedding because the couple were so direct and clear about how they want the wedding to turn out. They only had a few requests about the ceremony, the cake, and the bouquet, and every single detail was arranged as planned.

They had to go to Northern Ireland at least a day before the wedding in order to meet with the registrar as part of legalizing their marriage. There was no hassle doing that because Symantha and Riley was really planning to be in Northern Ireland at least a day ahead.

About the wedding venue

While checking out Peach Perfect Weddings online, Symantha and Riley got attracted to the adventure wedding spots where our past couples got married. To their amazement, they found out that they could get married in the same adventure spots and have a legal and religious ceremony at the same time.

Among the many natural outdoor venues in Northern Ireland, they picked a grassy farm on top of a cliff in Antrim where they can have a castle ruin and the wild Atlantic in the background. Those views were more than enough to make them choose this spot for their adventure wedding.

Although the weather in autumn is quite unpredictable, it was perfectly pleasant on the day of their wedding, making their dream clifftop wedding possible.

The adventure wedding day that was

Symantha and Riley started their day prepping up with their friends and family in the nearby Irish inn where they checked in the day before their wedding. There was just too much laughter and excitement while they get dressed and made up for the ceremony.

Their guests checked in at the same inn, and they even had breakfast together, but the couple did not see each other until their first look. They had a short photoshoot inside the rustic inn while preparing. Symantha’s girlfriends and family members assisted her while Riley got help from his family and friends as well.

Symantha wore a pair of lovely white boots under her long-sleeved lace bridal dress - a perfect combination for a clifftop wedding. Riley, on the other hand, wore a black suit with a green tie, fitting for the natural environment in Northern Ireland.

Then the first exciting part of the wedding day happened - their first look! The couple went in front of the inn, along a beautiful port with boats and yachts floating on clear waters. That’s where they first saw each other in their wedding attire, and the look on their faces were priceless!

Their photographer, [K] Photography snapped some shots of their first look and as they walked along the street of the quaint Northern Irish village.

The most awaited time has arrived when they went to the clifftop farm for their wedding ceremony. The weather was so cooperative that day, that it did not even drizzle that whole time, allowing Symantha, Riley, and their guests to savor the astounding nature views outdoors.

Behind them was the scenic view of the castle ruin perched on top of the other side of the cliff and the Atlantic Ocean calmly waving and splashing against the foot of the cliffs. It was breathtaking, and a dream come true for Symantha and Riley.

Post-ceremony photoshoot on the cliffs, castle ruins, and Game of Thrones locations

After the ceremony and the photoshoot, Symantha and Riley did not miss the chance to have their bridal photos taken on top of the cliff with no one else but the two of them and the breathtaking views in the frame.

They also walked towards the castle ruin and posed inside its huge century-old bay windows overlooking the Atlantic. Before proceeding to the Game of Thrones location that they long wanted to visit, they posed in front of the castle and used its historic facade as the background of their wedding photos.

Their last stop for the photo session was the place known as The Dark Hedges from the series Game of Thrones. Before it got dark, Symantha and Riley posed and walked in the middle of the alley, as the old giant beech trees framed them. Even their guests did not miss the chance to have photos with them in this unique location.

If you’re also considering eloping in Northern Ireland, get in touch with us and make your wedding dreams come true! We are ready to assist you from the first step of wedding planning to making sure every little detail of your big day will be well taken care of.

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