Cold and drizzling wedding in a fairytale castle in Limerick


Our experience with Peach Perfect was clear, communicative, and made wedding planning overseas as easy as possible! As a couple from California, USA, we contacted our wedding planner Ciara for our beautiful Ireland wedding, and it was an experience beyond our wildest dreams! Ciara made it easy to focus on our lives at home and took the reins to plan the wedding we always hoped for. We met only over video calls, she helped us maintain our budget, and gave us the best service possible while listening to all our requests for our special day. She guided us to finding our venue which would not have been found through research of our own. Having never been to our venue before, she made sure we met with the manager multiple times to ease any worry. The venue itself provided great service for our multiple day celebrations, showing that the Peach Perfect company only works with other highly qualified businesses. Ciara booked us the best photographers (Konrad Paproki and Janusz) we could have asked for to capture our special moments. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to plan their special day with Peach Perfect. They made it simple, easy, and a complete dream come true.
— Rebecca & Cory


Unlike some of our destination weddings in Ireland, Rebecca and Cory's had a more extensive guest list, with 25 persons traveling all the way from the US to witness their exchange of vows. That means more fun, laughter, and heartfelt moments for their once-in-a-lifetime event. Here's the rest of their fairytale wedding in an Irish castle.

Planning their destination wedding in Ireland

Rebecca and Cory started planning their dream wedding with us more than a year before the actual date. They were transparent about their requests and preferences, including their desire to have a friend perform the ceremony.

While most couples would book a celebrant for their big day, Rebecca and Cory's friend played this role, making the ceremony even more special. Their chosen celebrant knew them well, and she could create a more personal ceremony for the couple.

Rebecca also sent her bridal bouquet pegs to ensure the florist would know her preferences for the flower types and colors. On her wedding day, she was just so happy to see that the bouquet looked exactly as she expected. Even the schedule for the whole day was all planned out months before the couple's big day, making Rebecca and Cory's day stress-free.

Though everything on their special day happened as planned, the excitement was still there, thanks to the fairytale Irish castle where they got married.

About the wedding venue

Listed as one of the top ten castles in Ireland by the Irish Times, there is no doubt that this wedding venue at the heart of County Limerick offers only the best experience for their guests.

It's a lovely royal residence with elegant interiors filled with antique furnishings, while outside is pure, vibrant nature. The castle grounds has an enchanting 200-acre woodland, which you can see as you enter the gates of this magical estate. The woods, the gardens, and the organic farm envelop the castle with abounding nature, giving you complete seclusion and tranquility for your special day.

Truly a place for fairytale weddings, the facade is covered in crawling greenery - a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. The medieval tower is available for your whole event, from the ground floor with a historic ambiance for unique ceremonies to the royal dining rooms for intimate receptions and the extraordinary bar for festive celebrations all night long!

This Irish castle has everything you will ever need for your destination wedding in Ireland.

The romantic wedding day that was

Although the castle has a mix of fairytale and medieval ambiance, Rebecca and Cory's big day was filled with a festive atmosphere, from the preparations to the party.

Their friends and family filled the castle with joy, laughter, and warmth as they helped the couple prepare for the ceremony. Rebecca had all the assistance that she needed while Cory was with his best buddies.

The couple had an amazing first look inside the castle where Rebecca walked down the staircase, and Cory waited for her downstairs, excited to see her bride finally. It's like time stood still when the couple faced each other, both amazed at how gorgeous each other looked in their wedding dress and suit. They did a short photoshoot indoors to make sure they took images while they were still fresh from the preparations.

The ceremony started late in the afternoon on the ground floor of the medieval tower with stone walls and old-fashioned wood interiors that create a truly historic ambiance inside the venue. The tower is a separate structure from the castle, with four floors dedicated to the different parts of the wedding. It's fitting for intimate events with 25-30 guests, and it was perfect for Rebecca and Cory's wedding party.

The after-ceremony photoshoot

After the heartfelt ceremony on the ground floor, drinks receptions started upstairs, where the guests chilled and chatted while the couple did their full-blown wedding photoshoot outside.

Rebecca and Cory walked along the nature-field surroundings of the fairytale venue, from the wooden gazebo covered in crawling greenery, the wide green field cut in half by a cement walkway, to the medieval gates and the front yard where the castle's facade was fully captured. The photographer ensured that the castle estate's most beautiful parts were part of Rebecca and Cory's wedding photos.

The couple returned to their guests for a wedding dinner inside a royal dining area at the upper room of the tower. That's when their guests gave speeches and enjoyed the sumptuous dinner prepared by the castle's kitchen.

The best part of the wedding was the party inside the medieval tower, complete with loud and groovy DJ music and an energetic crowd who partied all night long. Rebecca and Cory led with a unique first dance that they rehearsed perfectly and danced seamlessly for all their wedding guests to see. The whole night was a mix of laughter and tears as the bride and groom partied with friends and family and shared the stage with their dearest loved ones in the emotional father-daughter and mother-son dance numbers.

Every minute of this Irish destination wedding was magical, with the couples' favorite people celebrating with them on a stress-free day at a fairytale venue.

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