Cliff wedding with a castle ruin backdrop in Northern Ireland


Peach Perfect weddings made our wedding the most memorable day of our lives. Working with different vendors was smooth and easy thanks to Lorraine's planning beforehand. She was easy to contact and made sure we had everything we needed before the big day and followed up after. I was able to enjoy every aspect of my day and not worry about a single thing! Each vendor was incredible to work with a SO sweet. They took great care of my husband and I and made sure we had anything we needed. I wish I could relive my wedding day over and over! If you have the thought to elope, do it, and let Peach Perfect weddings help you have the best day of your life!
— Holly & Benjamin


Holly & Benjamin's destination wedding has been lovely from beginning to end because the weather was perfect and the Northern Irish nature was at its most vibrant on that day. We love every moment of this spring elopement from their ceremony on the cliffs of Antrim to their photoshoot at a nearby white-sand beach.

Planning their destination wedding in Ireland

Unlike most of the destination weddings that we planned in the past two to three years, Holly and Ben’s was never postponed. In fact, it only took six months to arrange everything for their elopement in Northern Ireland. The couple lives in the US and stayed there the whole time of wedding planning, but that did not stop them from making their dream wedding in Europe come true.

Holly and Ben knew exactly what they wanted, and our wedding planner in Northern Ireland helped them achieve that vision. With the help of a trusted network of wedding vendors, their day went from amazing to perfect. Their small guest list of only seven people was also a big help to making all the arrangements simpler and quicker.

The bridal dress and bouquet

Holly was stunning in her two-fabric, long wedding dress with a lacy top and an elegant satin skirt. The lace in between the slit was the most interesting detail of this bridal dress. Her bridal bouquet, on the other hand, was dominated by light shades of pink, lavender, and white flowers. Although the blooms were light in color, they stood out vibrantly next to Holly’s minimalist wedding dress and the moody ambiance of their elopement venue.

The wedding ceremony

Holly and Ben tied the knot on top of a cliff in County Antrim with views of the wild Atlantic and a historic castle ruin. The ceremony started in the afternoon, and the weather could not be more perfect. The wind was blowing calmly, piles of clouds danced in the skies, and the sun was shining mildly on the whole wedding party. They got married in the last month of spring when the meadows and valleys are covered with emerald greenery and the flowers are in full bloom, a perfect setting for an outdoor adventure wedding in Northern Ireland.

The ceremony was a meaningful moment for the couple not only because they were getting married in their dream destination, but because the most important people in their lives were there. Holly and Ben’s parents traveled with them from the US to Northern Ireland to witness their dream destination wedding.

The ceremony was short and sweet, with only three traditions performed by the couple. The celebrant gave a warm and meaningful message followed by the couple’s exchange of vows. After that was the wedding ring exchange, and then the most touching of all was the group prayer of the whole wedding party. They formed a circle and hugged each other while praying for the newlyweds.

Before proceeding to their post-ceremony photoshoot, the couple had a quick video call with their loved ones who were not able to join the ceremony. They showed off the breathtaking spot where the wedding took place.

The photoshoot

Holly and Ben had not only one, but five venues for their wedding photo shoot. First was the spot on top of the cliff where their ceremony happened. It was a privately-owned farm with a perfect view of the Dunluce castle. After that, they went to another stunning spot on top of the cliff, with views of a different castle ruin perched on the other side of the cliff.

For their third location, they went to a nearby fishing village with beautiful white rocks surrounding the edges of the hills. They took photos next to gigantic rocks situated along a body of water. Last but not least was a popular Game of Thrones shooting location with huge beech trees lining up a long pathway. It was a wonderful ending for Holly and Ben’s epic wedding photoshoot in Antrim.

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