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Rich history is one thing that this unique elopement venue boasts of, with a baroque splendor and a thousand-year tradition. It was originally a cell and an oratory built by St. Magnus and his brother around 750 AD.

After St. Magnus' death, his body was found uncorrupted inside the establishment, proving his sanctity. This is the motivation behind the monastery's foundation and the subsequent construction of a whole abbey.

Later, a local master builder, Johann Jakob Herkomer, improved the baroque complex and turned the medieval structures into symmetrically aligned buildings. Herkomer took inspiration from Italian architectural styles and turned a medieval basilica into a Venetian baroque church.

His transformation of the whole abbey attracted many artists who later on contributed priceless frescoes and works of art to the abbey's buildings. Today, the medieval complex remains a religious center for the faithful.


Having survived two long centuries of secularization and crisis, you can expect nothing less than authentic history from this unique elopement venue. From the facade to its interior, you will enjoy the fusion of artistry and history when you hold the ceremony inside the library, with ancient manuscripts tucked inside antique shelves.

The library is part of a medieval complex with quaint buildings and century-old structures. Keep reading to find out exactly how your wedding in Germany will unfold inside the library as we discuss the venue's intricate details.


While the entire abbey is a huge complex of several baroque buildings, couples can only marry inside the library.

Unlike ordinary libraries, this one has a unique oval structure with a castle-like facade and interiors. Check out our couple's wedding photos to see how magical and extraordinary your ceremony will be when you get married here.

The room can only fit up to 25 people, making it a perfect venue for elopements and small weddings. Antique bookshelves with ancient manuscripts will be your backdrop, and classic Italian interiors will be the day's ambiance.

History is embedded in every corner of this library - from the antique wooden door to the frescoed high ceiling, dramatic corners, cupids, cherubs, and other details that characterize baroque architecture.

The library is well-lit with natural light, thanks to its many windows decorated with perfect symmetry, forming part of the whole classical look of the venue.


Since this is a historical library inside a medieval complex, no area is available for a wedding reception. However, many restaurants nearby allow you to book a table or two for your post-ceremony lunch or dinner.

Choose from among a wide selection of rustic taverns, fine dining restaurants, and casual dining establishments for laid-back celebrations. Our couple booked a whole room in a restaurant for their 20+ guests and enjoyed the privacy for their intimate wedding reception.


The medieval complex is located at the heart of Füssen, a tiny Bavarian town at the foot of the Alps. Aside from the historic establishments that you will find inside the medieval complex, there are hundreds of other places to visit and things to do in Füssen. It's a popular stop from Munich because of its interesting sites and breathtaking nature views, making it a great choice for a honeymoon trip.

Füssen is known for its Alpine views, hiking trails, and proximity to the two famous castles in Bavaria called Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. We recommend adding a trip to these fairytale castles as part of your honeymoon but be prepared for a hike because the castles are perched on top of the mountains.

If you're not ready for an extreme adventure like that and would rather have a relaxing stay in Füssen, spend lovely afternoons in a local cafè or restaurant and enjoy the views of the blue-green Lech River and the snow-capped Alps.

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