Mid-autumn outdoor castle wedding in Romrod


I could write a book probably lol--but I want to keep this somewhat short so that it's actually beneficial to readers :) Pros -Only giving it 2 stars because miraculously my wedding turned out to be beautiful even with some last minute changes that Vanessza did help out with -Peach perfect contracted a wedding decorator because the venue's decoration team did not provide any modern decor. Their decor looked fresh out of the 80s! The contracted decorator was nice because she had the style I wanted for the wedding however, it came with thousands of extra dollars in cost... -The venue was beautiful -The venue's employee's on the day of the wedding were phenomenal. Customer service was above and beyond what we expected -Flexible payment times Cons -To echo another review, it was hard to keep track of all the signed documents and exactly what we were paying for. This didn't make it feel reputable. -Went 4x over our hard line budget. This was a serious negative for us because by the point we had realized how much we were over, it was too late to turn back and have a wedding without so many necessary items. We thought it was the planner's job to keep us within budget? -Very unorganized overall. The whole time I was confused and rushed to make a million different decisions and then we would go over the same decisions, several times again, as if I had to decide again. This left me very confused, stressed out, and also made me second guess my decisions. -On several occasions there was communication at the worst times (when I would be at work) but that was when our wedding planner was free, I suppose. This also contributed to my stress levels -Not sure if it was a cultural difference but customer service was not good at all. It was very much "take it or leave it" vs. in the US we are used to companies trying to get to "yes" and not pushing back on the customer. My husband even agreed that this was a huge negative for him. -A lot of times I just felt like Vanessza didn't genuinely care because she would say things like "I dont know what else to say." I felt more just like another number and not a person -This company is very a la carte, you dont get an all inclusive package like in the States. Here you pick out every single little detail and it becomes very inundated with decisions that you have to make on everything. I thought Vanessza would take my vision and then come up with design concepts but thats not how it works here at all. You have to tell them exactly what you want. -It seemed like Vanessza was more of a translator and middle man than my expectation of what a wedding planner is -I have never been so stressed out in my life. I had always thought that wedding planners take the majority of stress away from you so that you can enjoy planning your wedding. I never once enjoyed it and I started planning 10 months out. -Language/cultural barrier was incredibly difficult!!!! -They got my wedding bouquet wrong -Just because you get a wedding planner, does NOT mean that they will be there with you the day of. This was very shocking to us so I want to make sure anyone who chooses to use them can be informed about this. You must pay a substantial amount extra to have your planner be with you the day of. We couldn't afford to spend anymore with our budget so we had to use someone from our venue whose English wasn't as good but her customer service skills outweighed everything. She was the epitome of taking care of people and I believe our day was such a success because of her! Katya at Schloss Romrod we loved you! Overall, if you are an American wanting to use this company to get married overseas, this is probably better for an elopement NOT for a wedding of 40 guests (what we had). We did not appreciate the overall experience and the lack of customer service with our wedding planner and some of the contracted workers (venue decoration team, harpist, & videographer) and makes me regret even having a wedding abroad. I personally wish we would've had it in the US so we could've been completely catered to.
— Sydnee & Xavier
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