Happy winter castle wedding in Hesse


We had an absolutely PERFECT ceremonial wedding through Peach Perfect Weddings. We started the process 2 years ago and honestly didn’t think it would be attainable for us, but after a consultation we found it was well within our grasp to have a ‘fantasy’ wedding overseas and be married in a castle. Vanessza was the best wedding planner we could ask for. She was an excellent communicator, highly organized, and took all the pressure off of us so we could plan the rest of our trip in Germany. We are so happy we stumbled upon Peach Perfect Weddings and wouldn’t change a thing about our day. It was a true dream come true and we felt like the prime and princess of the castle for the day!
— Jamie & Colin


Choosing a unique and fascinating European venue, and bringing only your closest friends and family to the occasion is the mark of a perfect destination elopement in Europe. This is what Jamie and Colin did last winter. Picking a medieval castle with lots of history inside and overwhelming nature outside, they brought nine of their favorite people from the US all the way to Germany to witness their once-in-a-lifetime exchange of vows in a one-in-a-million venue.

Planning their destination wedding in Germany

Jamie and Colin had simple requests while planning their wedding. Jamie was not picky about her wedding flowers. She just requested for white ones with dusty blue details popping up.

They also wanted to maximize their time in the castle by requesting a photoshoot before and after the ceremony, and staying in one of the castle’s rooms on their wedding night.

Jamie and Colin booked Peach Perfect Weddings more than a year before their big day in Germany. That was more than enough time for Vanessza, our wedding planner in Germany, to arrange everything from the ceremony location search, helping Jamie and Colin look for and coordinate with the right celebrant, photographer, florist, musician, and some other vendors for the wedding.

During the whole planning process, the couple sent photo inspirations to Vanessza and had calls with her to make sure she had the right information to arrange everything about the wedding. Jamie and Colin did not need to go to Germany prior to their wedding to make any arrangements. Everything was prepared for them by Vanessza down to the very last detail.

Even the music for the ceremony was communicated to their cello player months before their wedding day.

It also helped that Jamie and Colin chose to have a symbolic wedding over a legal ceremony in Germany, lessening the paperwork needed for their destination wedding. We’ve always told our couples that having a legal wedding in Germany is quite complicated and we do not recommend going through all those expenses and complexities just to have a legally-binding ceremony here.

About the wedding venue

Jamie and Colin fell in love with this medieval castle in Hesse perched in the middle of three iconic German cities of Göttingen, Kassel, and Eschwege.

The castle was their first and only choice because of its historically authentic interiors, which have been preserved and carefully renovated over 19 generations. Jamie and Colin took advantage of the historic and royal ambiance of the castle when they had the ceremony inside one of its rooms.

Outside the spacious grounds of the castle are equally stunning views, with the lush nature of the Hesse forests, that any guests would love to witness and enjoy the whole day of their stay in the castle.

This historic medieval structure is made for the most special celebrations of one’s life. There are wedding rooms available for civil ceremonies, excellent gastronomy offered by the excellent castle chefs, and a recently renovated chapel that is perfect for solemn, intimate religious ceremonies.

Needless to say, the dining areas of the castle exceed expectations, with their brick walls, old paintings, and antique decor made for medieval celebrations. There is simply nothing more to ask for from this wedding venue in Germany.

The romantic day that was

Although they traveled miles away from home, Jamie, Colin, and their guests felt at home on the day of the couple’s destination wedding in Germany.

The day started with Jamie and Colin prepping up for the ceremony in separate rooms. Their friends and family surrounded them and helped them get dressed and made up for that wonderful moment. As the ceremony hour drew close some of their guests proceeded to the ceremony room, waiting excitedly for the couple to enter the doors and say their “I dos”.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Colin snuck out to meet each other inside one of the castle's living rooms to have their First Look photos, as originally requested by them. Seeing each other on their wedding attire, they were stunned and couldn’t help but hug and kiss each other even before the ceremony!

We can’t blame them because the castle interiors are so romantic and private that you can’t help but feel the love, especially when right next to your stunning bride or groom.

When the perfect time came, their wedding celebrant Yvonne marched to the room to mark the beginning of their most awaited ceremony. Jamie and Colin followed after, and they were welcomed by amazing cello music by the DasCello Duo, along with the applause of their nine guests.

Yvonne led them in a solemn, romantic, and customized ceremony where they performed a drinking tradition, a heartwarming exchange of vows, the inevitable and momentous kiss, and the signing of their marriage celebration certificate. Each precious moment was captured by their talented photographer Elis, who made sure her presence would barely be felt to preserve the privacy of the ceremony.

Post-ceremony photoshoot around the caste

When all the formalities were over, their wedding guests proceeded to the aperitifs and reception room to chit chat and have some snacks. Jamie and Colin, on the other hand, snuck out again, this time outside of the castle for an outdoor photoshoot.

It was almost dark when the ceremony ended, but they caught a glimpse of the last light of the day for their final wedding photos. On top of a wooden terrace overlooking the dimming sky and a watch tower, Jamie and Colin hugged and kissed for their after-ceremony photoshoot.

If you’re also considering a destination wedding in Germany, get in touch with us and share your vision for that special day. We’ll be glad to assist you from the early planning stages to the realization of your dream wedding in Europe!

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