Dreamy medieval castle wedding in Hesse


Future clients recommendation: *You will need to be very organized to work with this company. There was no centralized website to log onto your page and see detailed invoices, pending items, communication, etc. Instead, you will need to manage a sea of emails and stay on top of various bills and payments for vendors. *Discuss deal-breakers upfront and get arrangements in writing (such as language barriers). If I had known the extent that the language barrier would have impacted us, I likely would not have gone through with this particular venue/location. *Use your own travel agent if you have one. The list of vendors that Peach Perfect uses likely needs to be updated. We had several issues with the recommended travel agent, and the entire party ended up using a personal reference. *Consider the location and transportation. The castle that we chose is 2.5 hours from the airport. I assumed that Peach Perfect had arranged for transportation for people several times before, but we had problems. The company used is not one that I would use again- unless I had no other option. They did not hold up a sign for people to locate them, even after asking them to do so. There was no company logo on the side of the car, so several guests had no idea how to find the driver or vehicle. This is something that I would assume a transportation company knows to do and does not need to be told. In addition, there was no one at the transportation company who spoke any English, which further complicated things. There is a train and taxi, but the cab will be costly- discuss transportation costs early on. *Several added fees. I would say we had about 8,000 USD in added costs. I would say that the wedding package is like Spirit airlines- you pay for the basic service, but all the other things you will need will cost extra. As a result, we went over the budget I had intended. Peach Perfect Recommendation- *Vendor list- I would advise going through the vendor list again ad ensuring that they will still meet the needs of most of your clients or if they are only suitable for specific situations. The travel agent recommended to us may have been fine for elopements but was not ideal for groups. Additionally, I sent a specific request for my wedding cake for the monogram, and somehow they did something slightly different. The cake was beautiful, but we only saw the issue on the day of the wedding. You cannot control everything, but good vendors should be clear on the ask before moving forward. *Central website needed- I know there is a site we can go to to view an invoice, but it does not seem to hold a record of invoices, communication, and signed documents. It was EXTREMELY difficult to try and keep track of hundreds of emails with various expenses and event details. *New Hires- Vanessza was very eager to help us. However, since this was her first time doing an entire wedding, it would have been helpful to have a senior person stay on throughout the process. I believe it would have helped both our wedding planner and us. *Detailed invoices from vendors- I received an invoice for transportation costs that just said 2,000. I asked for details but still did not get them. If I were not so far in the process, I would not have paid that bill. Any legitimate transportation company should specify their fee (number of people, distance, mileage, size of the vehicle, combination, etc.). I did not receive any of that. If you are working with a side vendor who will not provide those details, they should not be used by Peach Perfect. There are very kind and helpful people at Peach Perfect, and I'm sure with a few changes, the issues that I face will be a thing of the past :)
— Jenelle & Christopher
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