Luxury nature-themed chateau wedding in Brittany


First things first: If you’re planning a destination wedding, you need Yana from Peach Perfect Weddings! Without Yana, we would not have been able to pull off such an amazing 4-day wedding celebration in Brittany, France, from Sydney, Australia. Yana is switched-on, smart and super organised. Every little detail, every invoice and anything else that was relevant was documented through an online application we all shared access to. We had no idea that planning a wedding was going to be so much work, but Yana made everything simple. We didn’t feel stressed during the year we spent planning and we were able to enjoy our day without worrying about anything, because we knew Yana had it all under control. Yana has a wealth of experience as to what works for a wedding and what doesn’t – whenever our ideas for the celebrations were not workable, Yana was able to come up with an alternative solution that still stayed true to our vision. From start to finish, Yana and her team were professional, helpful, understanding and always on top of everything. Dealing with suppliers was challenging at times to say the least but we had no reason to be worried as we knew Yana had it all under control. Yana was available whenever we needed her and always happy to go the extra mile. She even travelled to our venue and returned with amazing video footage to help us picture the surroundings and plan our setup since we couldn’t make it. We loved working with Yana, she’s a beautiful person and fantastic to work with. She has exceeded our expectations, hiring her was the best decision we could have made.
— Nathalie & Mahesh


For Nathalie and Mahesh, a couple from Sydney, Australia, there is one thing that they wouldn’t compromise in their intimate wedding – FOOD for the reception!

Why they chose France for their destination wedding

Yes, this beautiful couple is a pair of huge foodies who fell in love with French food and with France itself the first time they visited the romantic country. Although Nathalie is a German from Bavaria, she realized she wanted to have a gorgeous French chateau wedding while savouring authentic cuisines during her first visit here in France. Not only did she fall in love with coq au vin and souffle, but with the country’s surreal landscape and its people’s culture. And of course, with the idea of getting married in France with its unparalleled beauty.

The romantic wedding day that was

For their French chateau wedding, Nathalie and Mahesh were very clear that they didn’t want a traditional sit-down reception dinner. Instead, they had a garden party after the intimate ceremony where festival-type food was served. On the menu were sweet and savoury crepes, currywurst brought especially from Germany and traditional French pastries. In the evening, the joyful party for this destination wedding moves into the converted stable house where the culinary delights continued in the form of a seafood bar, cheese and charcuterie station and a large selection of canapes.

As for the wedding ceremony, we had set up a beautiful area outside but it started to rain about 30 minutes before it was due to start. But although the weather was against us that day, we were prepared. We had agreed on a Plan B the day before so Nathalie and Mahesh’s French chateau wedding ceremony ended up taking place inside the castle. Nevertheless, everyone was still happy and the ceremony was very beautiful!

Photoshoot at the chateau

The photo shoot took place outside the old structure where the ceremony was originally supposed to take place. The couple with their guests of more or less 70 people posed for a few shot with the facade of the castle as their backdrop.

After that, Nathalie and Mahesh walked along what seems to be a small forest beside the castle to have their post-nuptial photos taken. This unspoiled work of nature served as a dramatic backdrop that blended perfectly with Nathalie’s white and lacey wedding gown and her eco-themed bouquet.

A special surprise

One of the best parts of the Nathalie and Mahesh’s French chateau wedding was a special video for the couple made by the guests who couldn’t make it to their small wedding in France. It was a parody about Nathalie & Mahesh’s food obsession (one of the main reasons why their friends love them!), but it’s also full of good wishes and love for the newlyweds.

Wedding photos

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