SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers ( Italian law requires that those who organize a private event (be that a wedding, party or any form of show) where intellectual works are used (i.e. live or recorded music) must obtain a license to be able to play music at this event. This applies to ALL intellectual property on music, not just Italian works.

Inspectors from the SIAE will issue heavy penalties to anyone who does not obtain the license. Most importantly, the arrival of the SIAE inspectors will cause a big disruption to your big event especially if the SIAE fees have not been paid beforehand.

Please note there are NO exceptions for the SIAE tax. We do not work with companies or musicians who do not ask you to pay SIAE tax because it is illegal.

The good news is we will always take care of the SIAE license at your behalf. The SIAE license cost for ceremony and reception music is always included in all our wedding packages for Italy, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected additional costs!