Unfortunately, there are absolutely no guarantees when it comes to Irish weather! In recent years, some of our couples who eloped in April or October had better weather or their wedding day than those who tied the knot in July or August. In general, second half of the year in Ireland is wetter and windier than the first half, with the wettest months typically being August and December. For outdoor locations it’s best to avoid the colder months from November though to February (unless you are happy wear a nice warm cover-up over your wedding dress!). The peak summer months for tourist activity and highest temperatures are considered to be June, July and August, but September can also be quite balmy. So in choosing a date for your ceremony, don’t try to predict the weather! Go with what feels more natural. If you want to be married on the anniversary of your first kiss but it’s in January, then go for it! Rain or not, the day will be extra special.