Destination weddings on the Balearic Islands

Rich history and culture, unparalleled sea views, and a world-class nightlife pretty much sum up the description of the Balearic Islands. This archipelago with an autonomous community in the west Mediterranean Sea has a life apart from mainland Spain, and its vibrant culture will make you want to stay .

Check out everything you need to know about the Balearic Islands and why we recommend it as the perfect location for your destination wedding in Spain.

The four major islands


Mallorca is the biggest island on the Balearics, and it requires more than a week to go around the whole place. There are so many beaches to choose from and it would be better to have a wedding planner to point you in the right direction when looking for a venue for your big day. But it’s not just the beach aspect of Mallorca that’s worthy to explore. You may opt to tie the knot in the Mallorcan countryside with farmhouses and country homes scattered in a rural setting.


Ibiza cannot be separated from its world-class nightlife and UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s a perfect combination of history and glamor, with a fusion of medieval villages and VIP luxury clubs and hotels to make your destination wedding in Spain an experience of a lifetime. To know more about getting married on this Balearic Island, check out our dedicated page for [destination weddings in Ibiza](/why-ibiza-for-destination-weddings).


Menorca is the second largest among the four Balearic Islands, and you can explore the whole island in a week via sea travel. You will be amazed at what it offers as a wedding destination - from the fullness of its traditions, the obvious marks of colonial history, and stunning architecture that will leave you wondering how old villages like these have been preserved over the years. Take note that Menorca is the quietest island among the four, so it’s perfect for laidback elopements without the buzzing crowds.


Formentera can only be reached via boat from Ibiza, so you can have the most solitary elopement ceremony in one of its dreamy coves. Walk barefooted on the shores of the magical Caló d’Es Mort cove and say your I do during sunset with small waves splashing on your feet and the sun dusting the sea with gold glitters. It’s a postcard view for your destination elopement. Spend the your honeymoon visiting the Es Pi des Català tower, the astounding megalithic tomb in Ca na Costa, and the La Mola Lighthouse, among other interesting spots in the island.

Why couples choose Balearic Islands for destination weddings

The Balearic Islands are becoming a booming wedding destination for couples who love the sun, the sand, and the deep blue water of the Mediterranean. With its mild climate and plenty of hours of sunshine all year round, any season could be a perfect time to get married here. Here are the reasons why more and more couples are flying to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera for their destination wedding in Europe!


We’ve been talking about the beautiful beaches of the Balearic Islands since the beginning, and one thing that we want to emphasize is that all beaches in the four islands are public.

You don’t have to pay for their use, but only for the facilities or accommodations if you want to book a venue. Couples flying to the Balearic Islands love the 216-km stretch of coastline in Menorca, the rugged shores and reddish beaches, the golden sandy coves, and the secluded coves surrounded by pines.

You can tie the knot on board a yacht in Ibiza’s coves surrounded by sleepy villages or along Formentera’s white sand with picturesque lighthouses in full view. If you want a mountain backdrop for your ceremony, Mallorca will be the best island of choice.

World-class nightlife

No other place can beat Ibiza when it comes to a world-class island nightlife. This hippy destination is a place where you can be true to yourself, let go of all inhibitions, and get married whatever way you want.

Whether you want a club wedding in the middle of the energetic crowd or by the coast with string and disco lights in the background, you will have an unforgettable evening wedding here in Ibiza.

Party-going couples are in love with this type of wedding and they can’t think of any better location than Ibiza as a wedding destination for a club wedding.

VIP and 5-star celebrity vibe

Its VIP vibe is the top reason why Ibiza has become a favorite celebrity destination by the likes of George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Paris Hilton. Not just Ibiza, but Mallorca also houses several VIP spots for a high-end wedding on the Balearics. Your choices for a luxury wedding here range from VIP villas, first-class restaurants, and old structures turned into boutique 5-star hotels.

If you’re getting married on the Balearic Islands in summer, expect to bump into a celebrity or two enjoying themselves in a high-end holiday vacation.

Unique artistry

You will surely bump into many historic places and artistic works while exploring the Balearic Islands. Centuries of mixed cultures left a mark in the archipelago, from stately courtyards, palaces, medieval castles, ancient monuments, and more.

This array of historic works from various religious influences are on display while you spend your honeymoon circling the islands. Aside from historic works of art, you will also find futuristic architecture in the art galleries here. There are just so many sides to these islands, our planner will help you find the one that’s right for you and your wedding.

Wedding venues

Now, you might be wondering what types of venues are available for your Balearic Island intimate wedding. We’ve rounded up the best for you so you won’t need to do the research on your own. Here are our top picks for the types of destination wedding venues on the Balearic Islands.

World heritage sites

The islands on the Balearics are dotted with archeological and cultural heritage sites that guarantee an authentically historic vibe for your big day. From medieval towns to old villages with century-old architecture, there will always be a reminder of where the islands and its inhabitants came from. One of the most sought-after heritage sites for destination weddings in the islands is the Dalt Vila in Ibiza where streets are made of cobblestones, and the whole city is walled as it was in the medieval times - a perfect place for historic elopements outdoors or inside a medieval building.

Villas and country homes

For laid back weddings with not more than 30 guests, villas and country homes in the islands will be an amazing choice. These homey structures stand out for their rural charm and the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Vineyards, olive groves, and almond blossoms as far as the eye can see are only some of the nature scenes that you can find near the villas and country homes on the Balearic Islands. Having a summer, spring, or autumn ceremony in a private villa amidst this rural setting could be your best option for your destination wedding.

Luxury beach hotels

If you and your loved one want a posh experience in a beautiful hotel with state-of-the-art facilities and fine dining restaurants, you can never go wrong with a luxury beach hotel wedding. Your sea of options range from boutique hotels with amazing architecture, secluded fortresses with a historic vibe and 5-star experience, eco-luxury 5-star hotels, and boho wedding hotels with rustic decor everywhere.


We can’t imagine a better place in Spain than the Balearic Islands for a yacht wedding. Yacht weddings are not just about partying inside or at the deck. You can add water sports to your yacht wedding to have something fun to do after the ceremony. But quite frankly, even without the addition, a luxury excursion aboard a beautiful yacht while looking at the quaint Balearic villages and clear waters are more than enough for an unforgettable wedding.


Spain is predominantly Catholic so couples who want a church wedding through a Catholic ceremony have plenty of venue options here, even on the Balearic Islands. Pick a historic church in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, or Formentera, some of which have a medieval and neo-gothic facade that is perfect for a Catholic ceremony. The interiors are equally historic, with a truly solemn ambiance. There are churches with open-air spots if you want an outdoor Catholic wedding.


Ibiza is one of the best club destinations all over the world. The rocky shores of Ses Variades is among the Balearics locations with a long line of iconic bars and restaurants along its shore. Pick one that fits your taste, and you’ll have an unforgettable club wedding in Spain. Take note that club weddings can happen day or night, especially in Ibiza, and the islands will be filled with partying crowds even at daytime. The music never stops!


How do you feel about getting married on a cliff with zero to only a handful of guests? If that sounds exciting to you, consider tying the knot in a wild outdoor setting in Mallorca, 1000 feet above the ground. Much of the island’s north coast is characterized by high cliffs overlooking dramatic views of the Mediterranean Sea. There’s even a clifftop mansion with dramatic ocean views located between the Mallorcan villages of Valldemossa.

When to get married on Balearic Islands

After figuring out where to get married in this Spanish paradise, you can now pick a date! Here are the different seasons on Balearic Islands and how it’s like to get married in each of them.


During winter, most European destinations are freezing and tourist visits are at their lowest. But on the Balearic Islands, it is one of the most recommended seasons for weddings, especially for couples who love a secluded and quiet ceremony with the least crowds. The Balearic Islands have mild winters ranging from 15℃-20℃ between November and February. That gives you an average of 7 hours of sunshine and only around 47mm of rainfall. These figures mean way more sunshine and less rain compared to the rest of Europe.


Compared to summer, spring brings lesser tourists to the shores of the Balearic Islands but May is one of the best months to have a wedding here. It’s when the temperature is less hotter than in summer, giving you a cooler breeze for your big day. It’s a perfect time for outdoor weddings, sightseeing, and al fresco dining because of the good weather and the crowds have ot arrived yet. Mallorca also retains its vibrant rolling hills and greenery at this time of the year.


For those who love the energetic crowds and the excitement of a summer wedding, June to August are the best months to tie the knot. Just take note that you have to book a venue months or even a year before your summer wedding because venues are usually fully booked this time of the year. Summer is also celebrities' and tourists' favorite season to visit the beautiful Balearic beaches so expect to bump into someone popular at this time.


The calmer months of September and October still have that lovely ambiance along with the drop on venue and accommodation prices. If you want to let the summer fever pass before tying the knot, it’s better to keep your wedding date within the month of September because October is the rainiest season of the year on the Balearics. Despite the dispersion of the crowd, Ibiza and Formentera still have festivals scheduled in autumn, which means there are still local festivities that you can enjoy in these months.

Your island celebration the way you want it

Now that we have the where and the when of your special day on the Balearic Islands, we now want to share with you the different wedding customs and themes that many couples have tried and enjoyed for their big day here.

Late afternoon weddings

Sunset is undeniably the most romantic time of the day for weddings by the beach. It’s when the skies display a magical color palette right before the night begins. It does not come as a surprise that many couples getting married in the islands begin their ceremony late afternoon.

It’s also a custom in Spain to party ‘til the morning, so it makes perfect sense to say your I dos late in the day. A wedding timeline like this involves less stress and a more laid back ambiance because no one needs to get up early and rush the preparation.

Boho wedding theme

Without a doubt, most couples getting married by the beach or in a country house amidst a rural setting on the Balearic Islands prefer a boho-themed wedding above all else.

Wedding venues are decorated with rustic wooden arches, tall pampas grass, eucalyptus and fern prints, rattan table decor, as well as beige and terracotta tones, among others. In Ibiza, for example, the boho theme is most preferred because it is akin to the adlib fashion, which is all about dressing as you like but always in style. Many wedding venues here are boho even without additional decor because they are made with Adlib inspiration in mind.

Modern ceremonies

Along with boho weddings, modern ceremonies are common on the Balearics. This kind of wedding simply means no traditional format and is based completely on the preferences of the couple. You can ditch the tradition of the bride walking down the aisle and instead hold each other's hands while walking down the aisle together.

You can have Peach Perfect Wedddings' celebrant who is on hand to help create and deliver your wedding ceremony uniquely for you. Instead of a veil, the bride can wear a modern headdress, and the announcement of the couple as newlyweds can be as wild as the couple wants it. Modern weddings are not about breaking rules, but about a celebration without any rules at all!

Grand fiesta for the wedding reception

The Mediterranean cuisines are endless, and you must not miss any of them in your wedding reception. Spain is full of fiestas, big celebrations with enormous amounts of food. You can follow this pattern for your destination wedding on Balearic Islands.

Most couples who flew all the way to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, or Formentera for their destination wedding brought only a small group for their big day. And they gave their guests an amazing Mediterranean treat in a luxury gastronomic experience they will never forget.

What to do for the honeymoon

Your wedding day and the subsequent honeymoon are an inseparable pair that should work out great so you can have a perfect wedding in Spain. That’s why before we reach the last part of this page, we want to let you know the best ways to spend a week or two in Spain for your honeymoon.


Track and field, cycling, and motorcycle races in Formentera and Menorca are one-of-a-kind that people from around the globe travel all the way here for a unique experience. Fall in love with the villages and landscapes of the islands by sailing and cycling through their well-marked routes. If you’re ready for something more exciting, try triathlon, regatta, or mountain bike racing.

Outdoor adventures

Nordic walking and hiking top the list of outdoor activities that anyone can do on the Balearic Islands. Follow the islands’ coastal footpaths to appreciate their beauty all the more. You can try long-distance footpaths or short guided walks to release some sweat whilst enjoying the view.

Join the festivals

One thing that the Balearic Islands will never run out of are its festivals. Imbibed so deeply into the Spanish culture are religious and historic festivals happening all year round across Spain. In Mallorca, there is a medieval folklore commemoration every 24th of December, nighttime. Even in winter, you can join the festa de Sant Antoni that takes place on 16 and 17 January.

Cost of getting married on Balearic Islands

Because of the high-end, VIP vibe of the Balearic Islands, you can expect higher rates compared to the rest of Spain. However, if you don't want to lose all your savings for that week in Ibiza or Mallorca, you can get married in a country home or a villa in a rural setting, the cost of which is more reasonable than luxury hotel weddings. The agri-tourism areas also offer cheaper, but similarly amazing views. Get in touch with us to start planning your destination wedding on Balearic Islands!

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