Decoration ideas for your destination elopements in Europe

All of a sudden, intimate weddings became a trend, not just a unique preference of some adventurous couples!

As wedding planners for some time now, Peach Perfect Weddings has always been in love with elopements and intimate weddings with zero to just a handful of guests. We have plenty of reasons why but the first one is that a choice like this gives the couple an opportunity to cut down on guest-related costs and focus on achieving what they really want for their big day.

This may involve buying plane tickets to their dream European destination and tying the knot there! If you’re one of the couples who decided to elope to a European country, and you’re wondering if wedding styling is necessary or not, keep reading!

Today, we’re sharing some of the most elegant and amazing decorations for elopements and intimate weddings in Europe that we’ve planned over the years! Prepare to hit right-click and save, or ask our wedding planners how you can achieve the same look for your European destination wedding!

Chic and rustic outdoor wedding in a French chateau

This intimate outdoor wedding in a chateau’s garden makes us want to fly right back to France to witness the ceremony over and over! We love the combination of rustic and eco-friendly elements, because together, they create an elegant, fresh, and rustic vibe to the garden venue.

Wooden welcome sign and floral arch

There’s no better intro to a rustic wedding theme than a wooden welcome sign in the ceremony area! A decoration like this can be added to any size of wedding in just about any venue! Aside from the rustic welcome sign, we also love the arc made of fresh flowers and leaves, arranged beautifully by none other than Maison Petali!

Fresh flowers and wine barrels

An aged wine barrel is always a wonderful addition to any rustic-themed wedding for its sheer attention-grabbing look. It exudes a truly rustic vibe at one glance, don't you agree? The wine-inspired decor was complemented perfectly by the chic floral and leafy elements tied around the chairs.

The actual ceremony!

Combine all of the wedding decor mentioned above and you’ll have a beautiful ceremony spot like this! It helps that the outdoor space of this French chateau is stunning as it is. With a simple arc in front and a few rustic decor at the back, you’ll get a dreamy ambiance that’s perfect for an intimate wedding in France.

Indoor reception in a traditional Irish pub

[Elopements on top of a cliff in Ireland](/ireland/venues/outdoor-weddings-at-cliffs-of-moher) are usually followed by an intimate dinner with friends and family in a traditional Irish pub. The party starts with the couple’s gulp of a world-renowned dark Irish dry stout called Guinness! If you’re having an intimate dinner in a pub after your clifftop wedding in Ireland, here are some wedding decor tips that we can suggest.

Oriental paper lamps and string lights!

The reception area of this traditional Irish pub is filled with wooden elements from the roof to the floor. All that you need to add are simple decorations like white lantern lamps and string lights that go well with the rustic-minimalist vibe of the venue.

Fresh table garland

A small number of guests makes it very easy to decorate a wedding venue. Take this function room for example. The fresh table garland that extends to the floor and the candle centerpieces are more than enough to turn the simple room into a wedding reception hall.

Wine-themed outdoor elopement in a French chateau

The next destination elopement we’re featuring is one with a very familiar European theme - wine! What makes this specific wedding featurable is the simplicity and elegance of everything around here. There’s just a few decorations needed to complement the natural beauty of the venue’s outdoor environment.

Red roses and wine barrel

As you can see, there’s just a thin white cloth covering the sides of the couple’s canopy. To break the simplicity of the cloth-covered canopy, clusters of red roses and nature’s greens were tied around the poles. A wine-themed wedding deserves a couple of age-old barrels displayed somewhere in the venue. There were two of them placed at the back of the chairs for this intimate wedding.

Vineyard-inspired chair decor

Some more simple additions for this intimate wedding are a minimalist board showing the guests’ seating arrangement and a unique combination of grapefruit, flowers, and leaves tied around the chairs for an authentic wine-inspired theme!

All-white tables and chairs

As if it’s a scene from the Beauty and the Beast, the tables for this sunset reception were decorated with classy and sophisticated elements. The chairs, table covers, and plates are all white, but the centerpiece truly stands out.

Classic candle holders and tall wine glasses

How can you create a fairytale wine-themed reception using all-white tables and chairs? Simple! Add some classy elements like tall wine glasses and antique candle holders as the centerpiece! They work, don’t they?

Intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the Tuscan countryside

Here’s one wonderful news: You don’t need any ceremony decorations when you’re getting married in a [Tuscan elopement venue](/5-venues-for-scenic-elopement-in-Tuscany) because the Italian countryside views are more than enough for a ceremony backdrop! Having said that, there are couples who still want to spice the ceremony spot a little bit by adding some simple decorations here and there.

Chic eco-themed couple canopy

We understand that some couples want the best wedding arc or canopy even though the ceremony spot is already perfect as it is. For this particular wedding, the canopy, as you can see, is filled with fresh natural elements - peach, pink, and white fresh flowers and minty leaves in perfect curves.

Cute notes and flowers

These cute notes rolled into paper cones, with a pair of lavender flowers are just adorable! They can be copies of the ceremony program or simple thank you notes to your guests.

Oriental paper umbrellas

For this specific outdoor wedding in Tuscany, a ray of sunshine is not so bad when the views are as spectacular as the Italian countryside. However, for a daytime ceremony, you can add Asian-inspired paper umbrellas as wedding decor/memorabilia to protect your guests from the heat of the sun.

Private forest garden elopement in Bavaria

This elopement in Bavaria is the perfect ending to this blog post because it shows why only a few decorations are needed for a wedding in an amazing European venue. At one glance, you can see how magnificent this rock garden is and the fact that it needs little to no styling at all.

Minimalist peach and green nature decor

Rounded mint green leaves and peach flowers are all the decor you need for an enchanting rock garden like this. The flowers and leaves were tied around the couple’s chairs, while some were nicely arranged on the floor as an additional vibrant decor. A tulle mesh fabric was laid on top of the table together with some fresh natural elements to add color and texture to the ceremony centerpiece.

A very simple garden reception

The garden ceremony was followed by an al fresco dinner in the middle of a castle garden. As you can see, there was little to no styling needed for the intimate reception because nature itself is the grand decor in this European venue.

White flower-topped wedding cake

Our final feature is the couple’s simple one-tier cake topped with lovely peach flowers and fresh leaves! This minimalist cake is proof that intimate destination weddings are beautiful and perfect as they are. No need for any nth-tier wedding cake or elaborate wedding decor because the experience itself is grand as it is!

Rustic and elegant Alpine elopement in Germany

Elopements with 0 to only a handful of guests require a different kind of decor. We’re amazed by the elegance, simplicity, and creativity of this elopement decor from our couple’s destination wedding for two in Bavaria. So dreamy and so minimalist, yet ethereal, and grand in its own way.

Rustic drapes and floral wedding arch

Nothing fits a wedding ceremony on top of the Alps better than a rustic wedding arch. Our couple who got married with a scenic Alpine backdrop in Germany last year opted to embed their wooden wedding arch with fresh flowers and greenery to perfect a rustic vibe. On top of that were silhouette drapes that gave a touch of elegance to the arch without stealing the attention from the breathtaking Alpine scene in the background.

Elegant dried plant wedding decor

The bride's bouquet for this elopement in Germany is a combination of dried flowers and leaves that looked amazingly timeless. The rest of the decor for the couple's wedding were, not surprisingly, dried flowers and leaves too. Our favorite is the mini circular glass with the same timeless elements inside!

Classy elopement dinner arrangement

To cap off this adventure elopement for two in Germany, the couple handpicked elegant and minimalist elements for their wedding dinner. Alongside our bride's dried flower bouquet are a pair of ceramic plates in earth tones and white candles in classy candle holders.

Terrace castle wedding & indoor reception in Germany

Dainty decor for an open terrace wedding in a German wedding castle! We also love the interplay of tangerine and white colors for the indoor reception. The plain reception room was transformed into an elegant and youthful area, perfect for the fun castle wedding reception of the couple.

White arc with tangerine side florals

Tangerine shades of chrysanthemums and mint-colored eucalyptus leaves were embedded on one side of our couple's wedding arc. This warm, youthful floral decor made the otherwise plain white arc dainty and fresh!

Bicolor reception table

Having a German castle for a wedding venue is the best part of our couple's big day. Without adding anything grand to it, this fairytale castle is pretty as it is. That's why our couple decided to have only two colors for their wedding palette - a royal shade of tangerine and plain white. Topped with elegant wine glasses and dainty decor, the wedding reception table couldn't be anymore perfect!

Snap & sign corner

If you brought your family and friends all the way to Germany for a destination wedding in an iconic castle, there has to be lots of remembrance of that special day! For our couple, it's a bunch of photos taken during the day and pasted in their guest book at the Snap & Sign corner! Such a genius idea for all destination weddings!

Pretzel bar

And because it's a destination wedding in Germany, there has to be a dedicated bar for authentic German pretzels! Look at those plump glazed pastries!

Rustic decor for an alpine wedding in Germany

Our couple wanted an adventure wedding with breathtaking views of the alps and the meadows. A holiday paradise above the roofs of Berchtesgaden in Germany was the perfect location for this dream wedding. The two got married inside a state-of-the-art ceremony room of an alpine hotel with large glass walls, offering unique views of the German alps. Here's their rustic decor for that adventure elopement in Gemany

Wooden details and classy candelabras

Wooden details on the table reinforced the rustic theme of this wedding in Germany. Above the table are classy candelabras, real flowers and leaves, and minimalist menu cards.

Transparent glass plates with a touch of nature

As you look closer on the table, you will see beautiful clear glass plates with lace-like patters near the edges that look so elegant and unique. On top of the plate is a chiffon cloth with the guest's name on it, and eucalyptus leaves that create a more rustic vibe.

Three-layer wooden cake stand

Our favorite part of this rustic wedding decor is the wooden cake stand that perfectly complements the light-colored pastries and fresh toppings on our couple's wedding cake.

Final note

Getting married in a beautiful European venue is half the battle won if your goal is to have a beautiful wedding. With amazing sceneries and wonderful elopement venues in European destinations, you don't really need too many decorations for your wedding day.

But if you still feel like adding a touch of your style in the venue, feel free to follow the footsteps of our couples above who styled their wedding venues according to their tastes and preferences when they got married in Europe.

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