Busting the myth - are weddings on the Cliffs of Moher still permitted?

We receive enquiries for weddings on The Cliffs of Moher on almost a daily basis, but recently we’ve been contacted by several distraught brides all asking the same question: “Is it true?! Have they stopped allowing weddings on The Cliffs of Moher?”. If you’ve been forced to ask the same question, do not panic! We’re here to bust that myth.

The short answer to this question is NO! They haven’t stopped allowing weddings in Ireland, specifically in the Cliffs of Moher. You can breathe out now! So if nothing has changed, why have you been told otherwise?

What really happened

Since we started planning weddings in Ireland, we have experienced three sets of regulations implemented by the Cliffs of Moher management. In this section, we're going to discuss the first two arrangements that are both not in effect as of today.

Prior to October 25, 2016 - Three wedding packages

  • Previously, The Cliffs of Moher were offering three different wedding packages to couples. These included:

    • A DIY ceremony with no assistance whatsoever from The Cliffs staff,
    • A Semi-Private Area around O’Brien’s Tower and
    • A Private Hire of O’Brien’s Tower for 2 Hours where the area was sectioned off from tourists during this time.
  • Couples used to have to notify The Cliffs of Moher bookings office and pay the appropriate fee depending on which package they preferred.

  • By booking either of the three packages, couples and their guests could also avail of the exclusive coaches-and-taxis-only entrance, which meant you could get dropped off right in front of the entrance to the Visitors Centre rather than go through the main visitors car park across the road.

On October 25, 2016 - No prior advice setup

The management team have decided that they will no longer offer wedding packages to couples because they are too busy as a tourist site to be able to accommodate tailored packages to wedding parties. However:

  • Couples can still hold their ceremonies with us if they wish.

  • Couples would need to go to the main car park across the road from the visitor centre, pay for their general admission here, and then proceed as normal visitors.

  • There is no need to let the management know about the wedding in advance or pre-book tickets. Couples simply pay the public rates at the kiosks.

  • Couples can have the ceremony somewhere along the walkways, once it doesn’t disturb other visitors or block the paths.

  • If the wedding party is 10 or more, they can make a group booking in order to avail of the cheaper, pre-booked rates.

All these information are a thing of the past. The three packages and the no prior advice setup are both inapplicable right now. The new arrangements for all weddings at the Cliffs of Moher are discussed below.

Latest arrangements for a Cliffs of Moher wedding

As of today, after everything that happened in the past two years, the management of the Cliffs of Moher implemented new rules for all couples desiring to get married in the Cliffs of Moher:

  • Couples must book ahead of time for the Cliffs of Moher Experience and the use of the O’Brien’s Tower for a wedding.

  • The couple can use the O’Brien’s Tower for 45 minutes for a ceremony.

  • Maximum number of people permitted within tower is 10.

  • All booked couples now have access to the VIP car park where they will be assisted by the Cliffs of Moher team member.

  • There’s a complimentary entry for celebrant and photographer.

  • There’s also a complimentary transport to the cliffs viewing platforms and O’Brien’s tower for the wedding party. This must be pre-booked with maximum of 5 people.

  • Included in the arrangement is the couple’s walk along one of the most dramatic landscapes of Ireland, during which their photographer can take photos of them.

  • Car parking for guests in main car park, booked online in advance.

  • All groups of 10 or more must be booked in advance, and there’s a different arrangement for this number of wedding party.

These are the most important changes based on the latest regulations implemented in the Cliffs of Moher. More detailed information can be communicated to you by our wedding planner in Ireland should you wish to start planning your wedding here.

How it affects your wedding plans

With the recent change to the rules, couples are now required to book the venue for a wedding ceremony in the O'Brien's tower. This will give you the exclusivity that a small wedding deserves. Unlike before, you can now be sure that no other couple will have a ceremony at the same time that you will be having yours. Take note that a only a maximum of 10 people are allowed in the tower.

You can also be assured of the VIP car park upon your arrival and the complimentary transport to the spot on the cliff that guarantees the best views of the Aran Islands and the Galway Bay. This eliminates the hassle of searching for the perfect spot to have your post-wedding photos taken.

Important notes about wedding hours

Since you're getting married in a tourist spot in Ireland, expect a tight competition with other couples who are trying to book a slot for a Cliffs of Moher wedding.

For this reason, the management of the Cliffs is strict when it comes to schedule. You need to arrive in the VIP car park at least half an hour before the ceremony. The complimentary transportation to the O'Brien's tower follows a strict schedule so you must arrive within the pre-arranged time. Your private ceremony in the tower is strictly for 45 minutes only.

The opening hours of the Cliffs of Moher is usually 8:00 AM from March-October. From November to February, it's a bit delayed at 9:00 AM.

What to do next for your dream intimate wedding

Now that we’ve established that you can indeed still have your dream wild intimate wedding in Ireland, just like all the blogs posts you’ve seen online about weddings on The Cliffs of Moher, how do you go about making that dream happen? We’ve perfected the planning process for small weddings of The Cliffs of Moher and created the perfect wedding packages for Ireland! In this package we’ve included everything you’ll need for a stress-free and memorable wedding on The Cliffs of Moher: ceremony officiant, photographer, hair and makeup, flowers, music and of course our assistance with every element of the wedding planning process.

Send us an enquiry and let’s begin planning your big day together!

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