Elegant and beautiful cake inspirations for destination weddings

Getting married in Europe is great in itself, but having a pretty wedding cake for your big day is a must-have. Here are some cake inspirations to look at when deciding which cake to have for your destination wedding. They are all from our couples who choose to marry in Europe.

Blue and pink mini wedding cake

Our lovely couple's small wedding cake for their intimate elopement in Italy. This bi-color cake is elegant in itself, but topped with white flowers, it becomes even prettier.

Unique wedding cake for French destination weddings

French weddings don’t have actual wedding cakes but a prettier alternative.

In France, there is no ‘traditional’ wedding cake to speak of. The French take this symbolic pastry to the next level by creating a special wedding cake called the croquembouche.

Croquembouche is a tower of pastry puffs piled together using caramel threads to form a cone-shaped delight for the cake cutting ceremony.

The history of the croquembouche goes back as early as the 1500's and it is said to have been the centerpiece on the lavish dining tables of the French royals and noblemen. Parfait!

Part-iced cake with macarons for a wedding in Italy

Small two-tier, partially iced wedding cake for an intimate destination wedding in Paris. Decorated with fresh flowers and pale pink macarons.

Cake for book-lovers for a wedding in Germany

Unique wedding cake? How about this white cake for our couple’s elopement with a parchment-like element? Fitting for booklovers like this couple who got married in Germany.

Cute cake topper for a wedding in Ireland

This cake topper is too cute not to share! We always find it delightful to see a mini version of the couple on their big day! It's just that couples may have a hard time slicing a cake that precious.

Floral cake for an intimate lakeside wedding in Italy

A lovely wedding cake for a destination elopement in Italy. When you’re having an intimate celebration with your loved ones in a breathtaking place like this, you better pick a cake that suits the occasion. This handcrafted piece for our couple’s destination wedding along a lake in Italy is a perfect example.

Naked cake for a wedding in Amalfi

For their destination wedding in Italy, our couple chose a minimalist white wedding cake with less icing than normal cakes have. Naked cakes are truly timeless, and perfect for intimate weddings like this. Topped with lemon slices and flowers, it becomes even more attractive and sumptuous.

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