Flat white bridal shoes for an adventure elopement in Portugal

Bridal shoes inspirations for adventure elopements

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

That’s partly figurative and partly true for our brides who traveled half of the world to make their destination wedding dreams come true.

These adventurous brides chose to say I do in unique elopement spots in Europe instead of getting married the traditional way in their home country. Some of them tied the knot above the cliffs, while others along an alpine lake and inside a castle ruin. Unlike ordinary brides, they faced a little challenge while walking down the rugged aisle, but no problem! They wore the best shoes that matched their adventure wedding perfectly.

Comfy wedding sneakers and loafers

90% of the weddings that we plan are outdoor ceremonies in the midst of nature. That’s why many of our brides pick a pair of wedding shoes that allow them to move with ease. They prefer comfy sneakers and loafers that may seem simple, but with unique colors and added customizations, they look stunning and perfect for adventure weddings. See some of our brides' comfy shoes below.

Rugged boots for adventure elopements

Most of our brides who got married in Germany’s outdoor elopement spots wore boots for their ceremony. One bride tied the knot along a lake in Bavaria, another on a mountain top overlooking the Alps, and two others in the midst of the snowy fields of Bavaria. The other bride picked a castle ruin in Ireland for her elopement, and she wore an awesome pair of cowboy boots for the occasion! Check them all out here.

Wedge wedding shoes

If you’re eloping in the Irish coastline or other similarly rugged setting, but still want to add more height under your feet, wearing a pair of wedge shoes can be the solution. Wedge shoes vary in height and style, some are just an inch or two tall while others compete with stiletto heights. Some with ankle straps while others, strapless but embedded with gems and pearls. No matter the style, all wedge shoes give the needed height to the bride who wears it. But unlike stilettos, they are more comfortable to wear in all kinds of settings. Here are some of the wedge shoes that our brides wore for their elopements in Europe.

Stylish chunky heels for the bride

Chunky heels are a popular choice for brides who always wear stilettos to add height but cannot do that for their wedding in Europe. Chunky heeled shoes look best with straps, but our brides took it to the next level by adding pearls and lace ribbons to their bridal shoes. See the glamorous chunky heeled shoes of our beautiful brides.

Minimalist flat bridal shoes

A few select brides who eloped to Europe were confident enough to wear flat shoes under their wedding dresses. No added height but the extra comfort that flat shoes give is truly rewarding, especially if you want to walk along the fields, roads, cliffs, and shores of your selected elopement spot. Pick your favorite from our brides’ juttis, ballerina flats, mules, and sandals.

Fierce stilettos for destination weddings

Contrary to flat shoes and comfortable sneakers and loafers, stilettos are undeniably hard to wear, especially when you have to walk uneven surfaces on your wedding day. However, stilettos are unparalleled in terms of elegance, class, and glamor. Whatever body style the shoes have, if stilettos are under the soles, they always shine and turn petite ladies into supermodels. No wonder most of our brides wear stilettos for their big day no matter how bumpy or rugged their venues are. Believe it or not, they look stunning and quite comfortable while walking down the aisle.

Elegant kitten heels

Kitten heels are relatives of stilettos in terms of sexyness and height-increasing features. They take the form of any shoe styles, peep toe, D’ Orsay, Mary Janes, and many more, but compared to all the other wedding shoes, it’s the one that exudes the sexyness and elegance of stilettos without giving the brides a hard time walking.


Wherever you plan on getting married, choose a pair of shoes that makes you feel gorgeous. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of stilettos for a mountain elopement or flat shoes for a stately castle wedding. If these shoes make you feel confident, you will find a way to make it work. More about elopements in Europe here.

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