Civil wedding in a castle and lakeside photoshoot in Tyrol


We were planning a civil wedding, in Austria, hoping to get married in a castle, and despite the challenge of that combination, Peach Perfect and Vanessza, made it happen. With so much documentation, and limited castle venues that conduct civil marriages, we felt it would be best to hire a company that specializes in marriages abroad. Peach Perfect came up on a Google search and I connected with Vanessza who handles Austria. From beginning to end, Vanessza was extremely professional, always thanking me for my emails and responding quickly and robustly. If you are considering such a service, note that PP can assist with virtually any aspect of your wedding day, and connect you to any service, but the price will add up, so as Vanessza outlined for me, it is best to add extras, if required, after you sign the contract rather than trying to opt out of a particular service. In the end, I hired hair/makeup on my own, but my photographer, who was excellent, was one of several options provided by PP. I could not have been more pleased, so my takeaway is that any service hired through PP will deliver top quality. As mentioned, our main reason for hiring PP was to have someone who could interpret the legal requirements for a civil marriage in Austria. Vanessza efficiently translated all responses from the civil registry office as soon as she received them - a few times taking the time to keep us informed even when she had a day off or it was after hours, which we really appreciated since there were some time-sensitive requests from Austria. So while I feel PP specializes in amazing symbolic ceremonies, Vanessza took on the challenge of organizing a civil ceremony, in a location with very specific rules and requirements, and handled everything with utmost professionalism.
— Tina & Liam


Planning Tina and Liam’s destination wedding in Austria was not a walk in the park, but all the challenges that we overcame led to this amazing experience for this beautiful couple. Unlike the weddings that we usually plan, Tina and Liam had a legally-binding ceremony in Austria inside a unique castle room, followed by an unforgettable photoshoot under the rain. Keep reading to find out the whole story of their destination wedding in Austria.

Planning their destination wedding in Austria

As we said, it was not a walk in the park to plan this legally binding wedding in Austria. Since the couple are not Austrian citizens or residents, we had to help them with some complex legal paperwork, that was all written in the Austrian language. Despite the language barrier, Vanessza, our wedding planner in Austria was there for Tina and Liam since day one, breaking down all the complex aspects of the wedding into easy-to-accomplish tasks. For one, she translated and explained all the documents to the couple and handled the paperwork to make sure Tina and Liam would have no stress in planning their destination wedding. The couple wanted to get married inside a castle, and not all castles in Austria had the license to conduct a legally-binding wedding. That’s where Vanessza’s expertise and hard work played a crucial part. She found a perfect castle that fit Tina and Liam’s vision for their wedding, and it was also one of the few castles in Austria where legal ceremonies are allowed.

About the wedding venue

A 1000-year-old castle for weddings in Austria perched on a small hill near Brixlegg amidst the vibrant nature of the Tyrolean valley was Tina and Liam’s venue for their extraordinary destination wedding in Austria. There is nothing more to ask for from this beautiful Austrian castle. There’s a unique ceremony room for legally-binding weddings, which is the castle’s library, with antique furnishings. There are several reception areas with elegant interiors and panoramic mountain views all around the castle. Situated right in front of the scenic Austrian mountains amidst the Tyrolean Inn Valley, the castle is surrounded by thick forests everywhere. With these breathtaking nature scenes and the rich history surrounding the castle, it’s indeed a perfect location for dreamy intimate weddings amidst the Tyrolean nature.

The romantic day that was

Tina and Liam’s big day started with simple wedding preparations for the couple and their two guests. When they were all dressed up and ready for the special event, Tina and Liam took the opportunity to have their romantic first look inside the premises of the historic castle. Their first look happened at the terrace of the castle with the rolling hills and thick forests in the background. When they finally saw each other looking awesome in their wedding clothes, they couldn’t help but look at each other for a long time, enjoying the beauty that was before them. After their first look, Tina and Liam went to the library for their legally-binding ceremony. Legal weddings in the castle can only happen inside the library, which is a perfect space for small groups. Tina and Liam only had two guests for the ceremony, so the library was really suitable for them. It was actually spacious enough for a group of four, plus the officiant who led the couple's short but meaningful ceremony. Unlike w

The after-ceremony photoshoot

Right after tying the knot in the castle, Tina and Liam made sure they had many photos inside the historic castle. They first went to the corners of the castle that showcased its unique architecture, with arched ceilings and huge castle windows. Their next stop was the courtyard where they danced and played around while surrounded by medieval castle walls. Their photoshoot would not be complete without heading to the terrace where the rolling hills were in full view. Just before going to another scenic location, Tina and Liam went inside an extraordinary room in the castle with vibrant terracotta walls, an antique mirror as the centerpiece, and an imposing red sofa. After maximizing the historic castle and its excellent features for their photoshoot, Tina and Liam braved the rain to have their photos taken with a breathtaking backdrop of the lake and the mountains. The nearby lake was the perfect location to cap off their photoshoot. With a little drizzle and so much love for adventur

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