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Wedding Packages for Austria

Austria has long flown under the radar of most couples wanting to elope to Europe - but without reason! Once you step foot into Austria, you will find yourself surrounded by the iconic baroque architecture of the cities and scenery that could be straight from your favourite fairytales. Some of the finest museums and art galleries in Europe can be found in Austria and since it is the home of classic stars like Mozart and Haydn, it is a heaven for exploring the culture and music of Europe. Couples who are passionate about coffee and pastries will also feel right at home here! Austria is known for its cozy coffee house culture and is the self-proclaimed capital of cake.

Your wedding planner in Austria

Meet Vanessza, your dedicated wedding planner in Austria. With this amazing gal on your side as you plan your destination wedding, you can forget all your worries because from your first enquiry up to the day of your wedding, she will be with you. Vanessza will help you set up your destination wedding in Austria and offer help and advise to make sure your elopement to this beautiful place will be an enjoyable and stress-free experience for you!

“I love weddings because they’re filled with happiness and love! Not only are the bride and groom happy, but their family and friends too because a person dear to them will soon be united in marriage. I know that every wedding has so much meaning. Each couple has a unique wonderful story behind them, and I love hearing that from every couple that I'm lucky to work with."

Nicole from Peach Perfect Weddings is a wedding planner in Austria

Couples' Reviews

Bride and groom looking into each others' eyes

We absolutely loved working with Peach Perfect Wedding to plan our dream castle wedding. If you are looking to elope internationally, check them out. The planning process was stress free and everything was more than we could have ever dreamed of.

— Jacqueline & Ralph
Bride & groom who eloped with Peach Perfect Weddings

I cannot say enough good things about Peach Perfect and everyone who was apart of our wedding day. Deciding to elope abroad was not an easy decision, but every single person we interacted with from Peach Perfect and those hired through them made the experience so easy and stress free. I would not change a single thing about our wedding.

— Ashley & Mike

Why couples choose Austria for their wedding or elopement

Authentic Austrian wedding venue with mountain views

Authentic charm & unspoiled nature

In every direction you look, you will find history come alive! The historic old-towns are carefully preserved to keep the charm and splendor of those past centuries alive. As was the popular style back in the day, many wealthy families have built their castles, villas and palaces in the most picturesque places in Austria. Many of these have now opened their doors to visitors and couples looking to get married in Austria in a timelessly elegant way. Austria also has very strict laws protecting its natural wealth and beauty. This is why you will be able to discover miles and miles of unspoiled nature and take your pick from the most beautiful spots for your intimate nature elopement in Austria!

Weddings rings laid on top of Leipzig pianos keys

Capital of classical music

Austria is where European classical music is most at home! Famous classical superstars such as Mozart, Haydn, Strauss and Schubert have all lived, worked and thrived in Vienna and Salzburg. Today, Austrians still keep their beautiful love affair with music alive by regularly celebrating their legacy as Europe’s central hub for music. Discover the impressive opera houses of Vienna or come to Salzburg for the yearly Salzburger Festspiele in honour of this beautiful art! Some of our favourite wedding venues in Austria have a direct connection to this special part of Austria’s identity and are just waiting to become your special place to say yes and get married in Austria!

Luxurious lakeside villa for a destination wedding in Austria

Winter wonderland & Summer paradise

Some places in the world are just beautiful all throughout the year and Austria is certainly one of them. In the cold winter months, Austria turns into a true ski paradise. No wonder for a country with more than 150 peaks and some of the finest ski resorts in Europe. Let the snow-covered mountain peaks be the backdrop to your winter wedding ceremony and say your vows outside with the most breathtaking Alpine background. After the frost outside, warm up again in your cosy chalet and spoil yourself with a hearty meal and a hot drink in front of the crackling fireplace and watch the snow fall outside your window. Once the snow begins to melt and sun peaks through the clouds, it’s time to pack your hiking boots and venture into the wild.

When to get married in Austria


The weather in Austria is highly influenced by its Alpine landscape. The Alps make up almost two thirds of the country’s landmass and divide Austria into four regions. After the snowy winters, it usually starts to get warmer around the end of April. This is when temperatures will slowly begin transitioning to spring and summer and nature starts to really come alive. If you want to enjoy some excellent food, head to Austria in May. The Genussfestival in Vienna takes place for three days every year in May and will spoil you with an unbelievable selection of food from all over the world!


End of May and June is when Austria starts to transform into the beautiful outdoor paradise that it is! The weather is generally warm but not too hot even though you should be prepared for some rain. For an outdoor wedding the summer months between June and September would be our recommendation! June is also the time of the Mid-Summer Night festivities in Austria. Celebrations with bonfires and music and great food will take place all over Austria with some of the most beautiful places being the valley towns in Tyrol. In August you will get the chance to attend the world famous Bregenz Festival with the astounding floating stage on Lake Constance. The temperatures usually range between 25°C and 28°C (77°F and 80°F).


Every season has its own perks and can be your ideal time to elope to Austria - provided that you are properly prepared! September can still be balmy warm, especially in the first weeks. Towards the end, Autumn starts to change the colours of nature into an array of gold, red and bronze tones. The temperatures are often still warm enough for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Austria though some rain should be expected. Autumn is also the very best time to sample some of the excellent wine from the local Austrian vineyards alongside hearty Austrian cuisine.


Winters in Austria can be harsh in some Alpine areas so make sure to be prepared! But the winter season still has its undeniable perks! When the snow covers the mountains and villages, Austria turns into a beautiful winter wonderland perfect for a winter wedding in Europe. November is the starting point for the annual ball season in Vienna with beautiful events taking place all over the city! And not to forget the cosiest time of the year - Christmas season! Beautiful Christmas markets pop up in every village in Austria welcoming you with hot drinks and a warm atmosphere.

Where to have your elopement or wedding in Austria?

Two brides in wedding dresses skiing and snowboarding in the mountains

Outdoor mountain weddings

When a place is as defined by its Alpine landscapes as Austria is, an outdoor ceremony location in the mountains is probably the first thing that comes to mind! If you are eloping with just the two of you or a handful of very close guests, you can just choose a favourite place in nature and let the serene landscapes be the backdrop to your wedding ceremony. After saying your vows, enjoy an intimate dinner or how about a romantic picnic in the meadow or by the lake! Should you be sharing your day with more guests, we recommend booking a venue with a suitable outdoor ceremony space that lets you enjoy the same impressive views while also providing comforts such as seating for your guests and can also offer drinks, music and excellent food. Tell us about your dream and yor wedding planner will be happy to advise!

Opulent function room in a castle wedding venue in Austria

Urban Châteaux and fairytale castles

Wake up with the late morning sun shining through the curtains of your castle suite in Austria. Have breakfast with your loved ones on the marble terrace and enjoy the view of the lake and the ever present mountain panorama in the background. Get ready in comfort and style for your elegant and intimate castle wedding in Austria and say your vows to each in a gorgeous castle venue of your choosing! At night, dance away in the halls or salons decorated with rich tapestries and filled with history. It comes as no surprise that Austria’s cities and countryside are scattered with beautiful castles and châteaux in all forms and styles. Ranging from strong medieval fortresses to more delicate residential castles and castle hotels - in Austria, you are absolutely sure to find the right castle for your wedding day!

Outdoor wedding reception in a mountain resort venue in Austria

Mountain Resorts

With the Alps covering a large part of Austria, mountain resorts and luxury chalets have been long established in all regions of the country. Luxurious mountain resorts can spoil you with an amazing choice of restaurants, spa treatments and elegant suites. These resorts often have different locations for different group sizes. This way, they can accommodate smaller groups as well as larger wedding parties without losing the intimacy of a destination wedding. For a more intimate setting, choose a boutique hotel in the mountains or a traditional Gasthaus. While the choices of menus and spa treatments might be limited here , the view will be just as breathtaking! For more privacy, we recommend booking a chalet just for the two of you or for your immediate family and friends.

Castle wedding venue in Tyrol for elopements in Austria

Tyrol Wedding Venues

Tyrol is the picture perfect image that you probably have in mind when you think of Austria. Imagine clear blue lakes propped up to a backdrop of towering Alpine mountain peaks. Wooden chalets that just call for a cosy winter evening at the fireplace...and in the midst of it all, your wedding day. Boutique hotels and private châteaux can accommodate your guests for your intimate wedding in Austria. Let us know if you are celebrating with just the two of you or if you will be bringing guests to share the day and we will recommend the best venues for you! Not to mention the countless outdoor ceremony locations for an elopement for two in Austria that the Tyrol region has to offer!

Aerial view of lakeside wedding venue near Salzburg in Austria

Lakeside Villas

With more than 300 lakes, Austria certainly does not have a shortage of gorgeous lakeside wedding venues to choose from. These ceremony locations can come in the form of beautiful spots at the shore of an Alpine lake where you and your loved one can say your vows with noone but the impressive landscape as your witness. But if you’d like to celebrate with some more guests and enjoy the luxury and comfort of a beautiful wedding venue in Austria, we recommend booking a lakeside venue to guarantee privacy and a good time for you and your guests. One of the lakeside villas with their gardens or terraces or a luxurious lakeview hotel might be just the place!

Types of ceremonies


A legally-binding wedding ceremony in Austria is performed by an official registrar. It takes place at the “Standesamt” or another officially certified location. This means that for a legal ceremony you can not simply pick a nice spot in the mountains but have to choose from a list of official locations to get married. A legally-binding ceremony in Austria will be recognized as such in most other countries. It is a legal requirement that the wedding ceremony take place in German language. An English interpreter is obligatory if you two and your witnesses do not speak German.


A religious wedding ceremony in Austria is not legally-binding and can not be recognized as such in other countries. You can still get married at one of Austria’s beautiful churches or chapels and include religious traditions and blessings into your ceremony. We recommend choosing a privately owned chapel for your ceremony location since this allows you more freedom of choice when it comes to ceremony times, decorations and choice of celebrant or minister.


With a symbolic ceremony in Austria, you don’t have to worry about any legal requirements and can just focus on the two of you and your day! Whenever possible, a symbolic ceremony is our personal recommendation for getting married in Austria. Many of our couples choose to get the legal paperwork out of the way at home and then have their “real” symbolic wedding in a location of their choosing. This way, you have the freedom to choose any location and time you like and to include highly personal, bespoke wording in your ceremony.

Legal requirements

A legal wedding in Austria has to be performed by an officiant at the Standesamt or another approved location. The ceremony has to be held in German language to be recognized as legally binding. If neither you nor your partner speak German, a translator may be present. A marriage application has to be filed up to 6 months before your wedding day. While residency in Austria is not necessary, it will usually be required for both partners to be present in person when filing the application.

Austrian Food


Apfelstrudel - an alternative wedding cake for elopements in Austria

A more delicate equivalent of the American apple pie, the Apfelstrudel is made out of light and crispy dough with apples, nuts and spices. Served warm and spiced with sweet cinnamon, it is the perfect finish of your Austrian wedding menu. While there has been some debate whether the Apfelstrudel is German or Austrian, the Austrians seem to have won the debate and wholeheartedly embrace this flaky pastry that is sold in every Austrian bakery.

Sacher Torte

A piece of Austria Sacher Torte as a wedding dessert

One of the most famous cakes in the world, the original Sacher Torte has been a trademark of Austrian pastries since it was introduced in the early 19th century. The Sacher Torte was created by the 16-year old Franz Sacher on instruction of the Prince of Metternich. The original recipe is a well-kept family secret but the main ingredients are chocolate, apricot jam and whipped cream.

Austrian Goulash

Intricately presented dish for a wedding reception in Austria

Originally, Goulash traces its roots back to Hungary. But the Austrians have adopted the dish and given it their very own twist that is now immensely popular in Vienna and other parts of the country. A hearty, warming beef stew with onions, tomatoes and sweet paprika - it is the perfect food for a cold winter evening.

Wiener Schnitzel

Fillet steak in a rich gravy sauce Austrian wedding meal

The most famous of Austria’s culinary creations! The Wiener Schnitzel is prepared from a cutlet of veal in a breaded crust. Traditionally it is served with lemon and an Austrian style potato salad on the side. The great thing about the Wiener Schnitzel is that it is universally loved and can be prepared as a casual meal or served as a fine dining dish. The Schnitzel is best enjoyed with a nice cool glass of local beer.

Wedding Traditions in Austria

Waking the bride

Bride in white robe looking out of window

In some of the upper regions of Austria it is customary to wake the bride in the very early hours of the morning. At dawn, friends, neighbors and guests will fire gunshots outside of the bride’s house or set off firecrackers to make absolutely sure the bride wakes up in time for her big day and doesn’t miss her wedding. Once the bride is awake, the shooters are invited into the house by her for an early breakfast.

Last stitches

Wedding dress hung from a personalised hanger

A bride should never make her own dress if she wants to avoid bad luck in her marriage. It is also said that the wedding dress should only be finished on the actual day of the wedding. This is why some brides still leave their wedding dress slightly unfinished. That way, their maid of honour or mother can make the last stitches on the morning of the wedding and add a little bit of extra luck to the bride's marriage.

Kidnapping the bride

Bride getting into a horse drawn carriage at a wedding in Austria

This wedding tradition is popular in many countries, including Austria! Today it is still often practiced, although in a slightly more modern version: some time after the wedding ceremony, the bride will be “kidnapped” by the groomsmen or other guests. They take her to a bar and keep her busy while the groom searches for his new wife. Once he has found her, a bribe is required to convince the groomsmen to return the bride to her new husband - like picking up their bar tab!

Getting to and around Austria


The Vienna Airport will be the major hub in Austria if you are flying in from overseas. Most American airlines offer direct connections to Vienna and European most flights usually will land there as well. If your wedding venue in Austria is in the west of the country, it might make sense to fly to Innsbruck instead. You can either transfer in Vienna and take a domestic flight to Innsbruck or take the train from Vienna airport. A good alternative is also to fly to Munich instead. A shuttle bus will take you from there to Austria in just a little over three hours.


Renting a car comes with the obvious perks of more independence and personal control over your travel schedule. The public transportation network in Austria is extremely well developed but there are still some places - secluded mountain resorts or chalets - where it is a necessity to have a car available. A valid driver’s license is sufficient to rent a car in Austria and an international driver’s license is not required. To avoid the hefty prices at the airport, we strongly recommend renting a car in town or making arrangements well ahead of your arrival. Toll stickers are a must for using the highway and winter tires are mandatory for driving in the winter months.

Train & Bus

Travelling by train is by far the best - and incidentally also the most budget-friendly way - to travel through Austria. Since the country is fairly small, you can get to almost anywhere by train in a relatively short amount of time. Austrian trains are known to be reliable and very comfortable with free wifi, comfy seats and on-board service. A nice perk is that you get to see the lush landscape out of your window and travel in peace without worrying about traffic or parking spaces. A bus offers similar advantages as the train with the added bonus that you will be able to reach even more remote places, villages and hiking trails. Every major city has a bus station with regular scheduled buses going to most cities and villages in Austria and its neighbors.


Probably the most beautiful way to travel through Austria! The Danube River stretches through 10 European countries and also flows through Austria. When taking a cruise ship on the river, you will pass authentic medieval villages, local wineries, river-side castles and abbeys. Many cruises offer combined tours where you can take a bike and cycle parts of the way to explore more of the country at your own pace.

Cost of getting married in Austria

The price for a wedding in Austria will usually lie somewhere in the middle between Germany and Switzerland. Although Austria is not the cheapest European country to get married in, especially if you are looking at a weekend date in the peak summer season which is when many local couple choose to get married as well. A good way to avoid unnecessary costs is to have your wedding on a weekday between Sunday and Thursday. Many venues offer special pricing and reduces costs for weekday events and weddings in the off seasons. Why not use our quotation tool for an instant price estimate for your Austrian wedding package?

Bride and groom getting married in Austria in the winter

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